Best comments in Des Moines,IA

  • Campus Cleaners Inc
    THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I WAS BERATED BY THE OWNER FOR HER MISTAKE. I dropped off a J Crew sweater with a small stain and a hole that needed to be mended on a Thursday, hoping that it would be ready for a Saturday evening w...
    3401 University Ave, Des Moines

  • Campus Cleaners Inc
    Last week their machine broke down mid-order so I could only get half my pants back. They gave me half off my order even though I made no complaint ! They have always been very friendly to me and 9 times out of 10 they've gotten all the stains out an...
    3401 University Ave, Des Moines

  • Campus Cleaners Inc
    Can't even be open for there posted hours! Was best man in wedding and planned on picking up tux on Sat at 8 since hours stated were 8-1! But I guess they failed to mention " only when we can manage to crawl are hung over ass out of bed!" Not to ment...
    3401 University Ave, Des Moines

  • Campus Cleaners Inc
    They guys are worth less, I inquire about hrs of operation on Saturday and I'm told 8:am by the employee that helped me when I drop my clothes off. Saturday comes and no one is there to open the store at 7:45 so I wait until 9am with no one yet to ha...
    3401 University Ave, Des Moines

  • Campus Cleaners Inc
    Some of the worst customer service I have ever received. I am a business student and one of the major things we look it is how companies treat there clients. This is one of the worst cases of customer/employee interactions i have ever seen. I walked ...
    3401 University Ave, Des Moines

  • Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning
    Great service! Both people were friendly and willing to work with a difficult 4th floor apartment setup.
    2205 Sunset Rd, Des Moines

Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa
1. Iowa Fire Control
Address: HUB Tower, 699 Walnut St, Des Moines
2. Maid in Des Moines
Address: 2411 Grand Ave, Des Moines
3. Campus Cleaners Inc
Address: 3401 University Ave, Des Moines
4. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2205 Sunset Rd, Des Moines
5. Larry's Window Service, Inc.
Address: 53 Clark St, Des Moines
Address: 2801 Bell Ave, Des Moines
7. Heritage-Crystal Clean Llc
Address: 1501 NE Broadway Ave # 10, Des Moines
8. Borgen Systems
Address: 1901 Bell Ave # 2, Des Moines
9. ABM Janitorial Services
Address: 1901 Bell Ave, Des Moines
10. PolicyWorks
Address: 1500 NW 118th St, Des Moines
11. Valpak
Address: 4921 Douglas Ave # 6, Des Moines
12. Valpak of Central Iowa
Address: 5714 Madison Ave, Des Moines
13. Cross Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1318 32nd St, Des Moines
14. Bob's Septic Tanks & Mobile Toilets
Address: 2785 NE 46th Ave, Des Moines
15. Chiminey Cricket Family Chimney Sweep
Address: 3705 5th Ave, Des Moines
16. Thomas Brothers Septic Tank Services
Address: 5731 SE 6th Ave, Des Moines
17. A & B Electric Motor Services
Address: 1727 Hull Ave, Des Moines
18. Unified Contracting Services Inc
Address: 2425 NE 46th Ave, Des Moines
19. Clean Cut Lawn Care
Address: Des Moines
20. Roto-Rooter
Address: Des Moines
21. Krystal Clean Services
Address: Des Moines
22. Muna & Savina Cleaning Llc
Address: Des Moines
23. Affordable Drain & Sewer Services
Address: PO Box 71188, Des Moines
24. Rooter-Man
Address: Des Moines
25. L & M Dry Ice Cleaning
Address: 1810 Porter Ave, Des Moines
26. Ross Chemical Systems Inc
Address: 600 NE 48th Pl, Des Moines
27. Green Window Cleaning
Address: 1001 31st St, Des Moines
28. Beaverdale Gutter
Address: 3015 62nd St, Des Moines
29. Grandview Little League
Address: 4381 NE 38th St, Des Moines
30. Noah's Dry Cleaners
Address: 6115 SW 9th St, Des Moines
31. Business Publications Corporation
Address: 100 SW 4th St, Des Moines
32. Wash-N-Dry Inc
Address: 4810 SW 9th St, Des Moines
Work: 07:00-20:30
33. The Buyosphere
Address: 5850 SW McKinley Ave, Des Moines
34. SYNERGY Fire & Safety
Address: 5327 NW 2nd St, Des Moines
35. Barton Solvents Inc
Address: 1970 NE Broadway Ave, Des Moines
36. Cleaning Connection Inc
Address: 3423 Delaware Ave, Des Moines
37. Carey Cleaning Solutions
Address: 1450 Delaware Ave, Des Moines
38. Blue Sky Cleaning Services
Address: PO Box 3372, Des Moines
39. Heritage Microbial Control
Address: 5032 Park Ave, Des Moines
40. French Way Cleaners
Address: 3604 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines
41. Barton Solvents
Address: 1920 NE 46th Ave, Des Moines
42. Atomic Roll-Off
Address: 3618 Vandalia Rd, Des Moines
43. Matt's Skull Cleaning and European Mounts : Matt Nelsen
Address: 1919 E 21st St, Des Moines
44. Aramark Uniform Services
Address: 2500 Delaware Ave, Des Moines
45. Heavenly Hauling & Cleaning
Address: 1802 2nd Ave, Des Moines
46. Happy Medium
Address: 104 SW 4th St, Des Moines
47. FBG Service Corporation
Address: 1615 NE 58th Ave, Des Moines
48. Service Legends Heating & Cooling
Address: 6365 NE 14th St, Des Moines
49. Fantastic Window Cleaning
Address: 1414 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines
50. Safety-Kleen Systems
Address: 4704 NE 22nd St, Des Moines
51. Clean Harbors Environmental
Address: 4704 NE 22nd St, Des Moines
52. All Clean of Iowa
Address: 4645 NE 7th St, Des Moines
53. Oreck Clean Home Center
Address: 10201 University Ave, Des Moines
54. Inside Out Duct Sealing and Cleaning
Address: 3517 Hubbell Ave, Des Moines
55. Crown Cleaners
Address: 4136 Park Ave, Des Moines
56. Lathrop's Carpet Clean
Address: 1510 E Grand Ave, Des Moines
57. Des Moines Drain & Sewer
Address: 6666 NW 4th St, Des Moines
58. Plaza Carpet Cleaning of Des Moines
Address: 309 Court Ave #803, Des Moines
Work: 07:00-20:00
59. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey
Address: 500 Scott Ave, Des Moines
60. ServiceMaster 380
Address: 500 Scott Ave b, Des Moines
61. Marquis Gutter Cleaners
Address: 506 Maxwelton Dr, Des Moines
62. Dream Steam Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 2201 E 17th St, Des Moines
63. DMACC Urban Campus
Address: 1100 7th St, Des Moines
64. Hydro-Klean, Inc.
Address: 333 NW 49th Pl, Des Moines
65. Iowa Super Clean
Address: 817 E Miller Ave, Des Moines
66. Metro Waste Authority
Address: 300 E Locust St #100, Des Moines
67. Aftermath Services LLC
Address: 400 E Court Ave, Des Moines
68. Bob's Sewerooter Services
Address: 4677 NE 38th St, Des Moines
69. Quality Control Equipment Co
Address: 4280 E 14th St, Des Moines
70. Greenwood's Sewer Services
Address: 1350 Wade St, Des Moines
71. Mister Car Wash
Address: 3400 SE 14th St, Des Moines
Work: 07:30-19:00
72. Wise Dry Cleaners
Address: 1201 Park Ave, Des Moines
73. Crystal Clear Window Cleaning
Address: 3508 SE 14th St, Des Moines
74. Home Team Cleaning
Address: 1408 Osceola Ave, Des Moines
75. Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
Address: 2822 6th Ave, Des Moines
76. Better Business Bureau
Address: 2625 Beaver Ave, Des Moines
77. United Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: Des Moines
78. Springer Professional Home Services
Address: 1320 NE 60th Ave, Des Moines
Address: 3900 E 14th St #2, Des Moines
80. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 2345 E Market St, Des Moines
81. Touch N Go Carwash
Address: 805 Army Post Rd, Des Moines
82. Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Address: 420 Watson Powell Jr Way #200, Des Moines
83. Smart Industries
Address: 1901 Bell Ave SUITE 12, Des Moines
84. Park Ave Laser Wash
Address: 2130 E Park Ave, Des Moines
85. Capital Sanitary Supply Co Inc
Address: 2137 Sunset Rd, Des Moines
86. Des Moines Street Cleaning
Address: 216 SE 5th St, Des Moines
87. HOODZ of Central Iowa
Address: 5327 NW 2nd St, Des Moines
88. DesMoines Seamless Gutters
Address: 4225 Fleur Dr, Des Moines
89. Clear Air
Address: 6050 NE 14th St Suite C, Des Moines
90. Washer Systems of Iowa
Address: 6050 NE 14th St, Des Moines
91. Thoreau Center
Address: 3500 Kingman Blvd, Des Moines
Work: 08:00-22:00
92. Presto Cleaners
Address: 863 42nd St, Des Moines
93. Beaver Ave Cleaners
Address: 5804 Franklin Ave, Des Moines
94. Franklin Park Cleaners
Address: 5804 Franklin Ave, Des Moines
95. Think Different Designs
Address: 418 6th Ave #902, Des Moines
96. Z Z Clean
Address: 2114 SE 14th St, Des Moines
97. Rug Doctor
Address: 3140 SE 14th St, Des Moines
98. Des Moines Water Works
Address: 2201 George Flagg Pkwy, Des Moines
99. Beaver Avenue Cleaners
Address: 3704 Beaver Ave, Des Moines
100. Victoria Cleaners and Alterations
Address: 4226 Fleur Dr, Des Moines
101. First Choice Distribution
Address: 1770 NE 58th Ave, Des Moines
102. Vacuum Dealers Trade Associates
Address: 2724 2nd Ave, Des Moines
103. Enviromatic Corporation of America
Address: 4489 NW 2nd St # 8B, Des Moines
104. Day Star Window Cleaning Services
Address: Des Moines
105. Bee Line Sewer Cleaning
Address: Des Moines
106. Green Cleaning Solutions
Address: Des Moines