Best comments in Wichita,KS

  • Heartland Recycling Services: Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental
    Steals wages from his employees! No Recycle done at this center, he hauls all collectionset to the City Dump !!!
    2301 S Mead St, Wichita

  • Heartland Recycling Services: Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental
    Fast reliable hauling! These guys came in on short notice to haul brush, lumber, and random trash from our lot as we were getting ready to move. Great attitudes! One of the best business encounters I have ever had. Can't say enough about them. D...
    2301 S Mead St, Wichita

  • Heartland Recycling Services: Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental
    Excellent experience with Heartland Recycling and will absolutely use them again. Prompt, professional, on time. Highly recommend!
    2301 S Mead St, Wichita

  • Heartland Recycling Services: Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental
    Highly recommend! You can't beat the professionalism, service, price and the work they did. They even paid attention to small details that I didn't even observe. I'll have them back to do work when the time arises.
    2301 S Mead St, Wichita

  • Heartland Recycling Services: Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental
    Heartland Recycling was everything they advertised. Travis delivered the container on scheduled time and answered all my questions as to what "junk" they accepted, which by the way was much more than the other companies I contacted. Best price too!...
    2301 S Mead St, Wichita

  • Will's Mobile Wash
    Used for my car lot. Cars were not done correctly. 40 percent of the cars looked like they were not even touched. I didn't make one complaint. Called again to give them a second try to see if they just had a bad day and they were very rude. Guy tol...
    1937 W McCormick St, Wichita

Cleaning in Wichita, Kansas
2. Will's Mobile Wash
Address: 1937 W McCormick St, Wichita
3. Superior Home Services, Inc.
Address: 725 E 10th St N, Wichita
4. In The Bag Cleaners: 32nd & Rock
Address: 3236 N Rock Rd #150, Wichita
5. Speedy Amazing Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1617 S Meridian Ave, Wichita
6. Petra Facility Group
Address: 10300 W Maple St, Wichita
7. Roto-Rooter
Address: 801 E Mt Vernon St, Wichita
8. UniFirst Uniform Services - Wichita
Address: 1707 N Mosley St, Wichita
9. Ncri
Address: 8447 E 35th St N, Wichita
10. Be Amazed Carpet Cleaning & Services
Address: 715 N Gow St, Wichita
11. Clean Gutter Man
Address: 1902 E 17th St N, Wichita
12. Byers Seamless Gutter
Address: 3126 N Tee Time, Wichita
13. Clean Harbors Environmental
Address: 2549 N New York St, Wichita
14. Wichita Maid Service Corp
Address: 1020 E English St, Wichita
15. Eagle Environmental Services, LLC
Address: 5909 W Harry St, Wichita
Address: 345 West 29th St N, Wichita
17. April's cleaning services
Address: 4527 S Cherry St, Wichita
Work: 09:00-18:00
18. Roth Heating & Air
Address: 4141 W Maple St, Wichita
19. P&E Building Services, LLC
Address: 224 E Douglas Ave #331, Wichita
20. Airxcel Inc
Address: 3050 N St Francis St, Wichita
21. Yost Auto Service, Inc.
Address: 1818 E 2nd St N, Wichita
22. WoodSpring Hotels Corporate Headquarters
Address: 8621 E 21st St N #200, Wichita
23. ServiceMaster Quality Cleaning
Address: 438 N Ohio Ave, Wichita
24. Susan Alterations & Dry Cleaning
Address: 927 S Rock Rd, Wichita
25. Christian Cleaning Company
Address: 2730 N Stoney Point, Wichita
26. Great Plains Earth Institute
Address: 8406 W Maple St, Wichita
27. Miller's Drain & Sewer Services
Address: Wichita
28. Servicemaster By Clean In A
Address: Wichita
29. Mit Cleaning
Address: Wichita
30. Jenny Maid's
Address: 2814 E Dunham St, Wichita
31. In The Bag Cleaners: Harry & Webb
Address: 1520 S Webb Rd #200, Wichita
32. Thesis Audio Service
Address: 4235 W Central Ave, Wichita
33. Always There Senior Care Inc.
Address: 2260 N Ridge Rd #250, Wichita
34. Wichita Air Duct Cleaning, Gutters & Windows | $50 Coupon
Address: 3105 W Central Ave, Wichita
35. Axiom Healthcare Services
Address: 7200 W 13th St N #10, Wichita
36. In The Bag Cleaners: 21st & K-96
Address: 12115 E 21st St N #105, Wichita
37. Jani-King
Address: 2400 N Woodlawn Ave, Suite 140, Wichita
38. Heather S. Bowman
Address: 4111 E 37th St N, Wichita
39. Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1325 Gidley St, Wichita
Address: 2756 S West St, Wichita
41. Clean Tech Disaster Restoration
Address: 7453 W 33rd St, Wichita
Work: 08:00-07:59
42. Clean Tech Facilities Maintenance
Address: 7453 W 33rd St, Wichita
43. Clean Tech Catastrophe Response
Address: 7453 W 33rd St, Wichita
44. Cummings Janitorial Services
Address: 326 S Scouller St, Wichita
Work: 00:00-12:00
45. Prime Time Tree Kings
Address: 2515 E Kinkaid St, Wichita
Work: 07:00-19:00
46. Spring Clean Laundromat
Address: 416 N Ridge Rd, Wichita
47. Fabric Care Center
Address: 2910 E Harry St, Wichita
48. Kansas Clean Pavement
Address: 3967 N Sweet Bay St, Wichita
49. GP Solutions
Address: 450 North 159th St E, Wichita
50. Stratus Building Solutions
Address: 450 North 159th St E, Wichita
51. Kam Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1965 W Greenfield St, Wichita
52. Scent Crusher
Address: 3535 N Rock Rd #300, Wichita
53. Merry Maids of wichita
Address: 425 E Harry St, Wichita
54. Micro Air
Address: 2009 S West St, Wichita
55. Valpak
Address: 3714 E 3rd St N, Wichita
56. Kirk Flesher Window Cleaning
Address: 1112 N Coach House Cir, Wichita
57. Kamen Wiping Materials Co
Address: 441 N Santa Fe St, Wichita
58. S&J Hauling and Trash Removal
Address: 3065 S Yale St, Wichita
59. Margaret McHenry Maids
Address: 1200 E Central Ave, Wichita
Address: 401 N West St, Wichita
Address: 401 N West St, Wichita
62. Joe's Car Wash & Seat Cover
Address: 308 N West St, Wichita
63. Sydney's Pet Resort
Address: 11024 E 28th St N, Wichita
64. Usave Cleaners
Address: 7825 W Maple St #108, Wichita
65. Superior Linen Service
Address: 1635 E 37th St N Ste 8, Wichita
66. Hoggatt Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 1328 S Handley St, Wichita
67. Fiber Dynamics Inc
Address: 3730 S Midco St, Wichita
68. Docuplex
Address: 630 N Pennsylvania Ave, Wichita
69. Clean Green Lawn Care
Address: 207 N Dodge Ave, Wichita
70. Four Seasons Dry Cleaners
Address: 1115 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
71. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by Clean in a Wink
Address: 4821 N Hydraulic St, Wichita
72. All Star Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Address: 343 S Greenwich Rd, Wichita
73. Heavenly Cleaning Services LLC
Address: 6130 E Calvin Dr, Wichita
74. D & A Services
Address: 349 S Laura St, Wichita
75. Executive Management Services Inc
Address: 4110 W 33rd St S, Wichita
76. Mulvane Septic Services
Address: 236 Stewart Ave, Wichita
77. Wichita Area Builders Association
Address: 730 N Main St, Wichita
78. Prime Concepts Group Inc
Address: 7330 W 33rd St #112, Wichita
79. Stephs Cleaning
Address: 8206 E Levitt Dr, Wichita
80. Hackney's Custom Car Care
Address: 340 N Indiana Ave, Wichita
81. Miller's Dry Cleaning-Laundry
Address: 550 Webb Rd # A, Wichita
82. Quick & Easy Washomat
Address: 1557 S Hydraulic Ave, Wichita
83. Kansas Fire Equipment Co. Inc.
Address: 123 S Osage St, Wichita
84. A Clean Sweep
Address: 2115 E Hodson St, Wichita
85. Southlake Village Apartments
Address: 4141 S Seneca St, Wichita
Address: 2656 S Southeast Ct, Wichita
87. C & B Equipment Inc.
Address: 3717 N Ridgewood St, Wichita
88. Fabri Clean Supply
Address: 1040 E MacArthur Rd # 5, Wichita
90. Wilson Building Maintenance
Address: 624 E 1st St N, Wichita
91. Mel Hambelton Ford Body Shop
Address: 3747 N Topeka St, Wichita
92. Ultra Clean Carpet Cleaning
Address: 7701 E Kellogg Dr, Wichita
93. Cintas Uniform Services
Address: 9333 E 35th St N, Wichita
94. Cintas Commercial Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Address: 9333 E 35th St N, Wichita
95. Cintas Facility Services
Address: 9333 E 35th St N, Wichita
96. Martinizing Dry Cleaning Wichita: Crestview
Address: 12627 E Central Ave, Wichita
97. Grasslands Estates
Address: 10665 W 13th St N, Wichita
Work: 07:30-19:30
98. Cox Machine Inc
Address: 5338 W 21st St N # 100, Wichita
99. Top To Bottom Handyman Services
Address: 3818 S Flora, Wichita
100. Kansas Clean Properties
Address: 3747 N Topeka St, Wichita
101. Lewis & Associates
Address: 7570 W 21st St N # 1026C, Wichita
102. Pro Lux Carpet Cleaning
Address: 3161 George Washington Blvd, Wichita
103. Apartment Association of Greater Wichita
Address: 1999 N Amidon St # 220, Wichita
104. Air Care LLC
Address: 1999 N Amidon Ave, Wichita
105. Air Capital Building Maintenance Co
Address: 1999 N Amidon Ave Ste 115, Wichita
106. In The Bag Cleaners: 21st & Maize
Address: 10231 W 21st St N, Wichita
107. Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Address: 13303 W Maple St # 117, Wichita
108. Aztec Building Maintenance Inc
Address: 1821 N Ohio Ave, Wichita
109. Martinizing Dry Cleaning Wichita: Siena Plaza
Address: 7724 E 37th St N, Wichita
110. Society of Decorative Painters
Address: 393 N McLean Blvd, Wichita
111. In The Bag Cleaners: 119th & Maple
Address: 12111 W Maple St, Wichita
112. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wichita, KS
Address: 922 E Central Ave, Wichita
113. Professional Products of Kansas, Inc.
Address: 4456 S Clifton Ave, Wichita
114. Economy Septic Cleaning
Address: 1303 West 53rd St N, Wichita
115. Super Clean Auto Detailing
Address: 2306 S Broadway St, Wichita
116. Wichita Gutter Cleaning
Address: 7901 E Lincoln St, Wichita
117. Wichita Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration
Address: 105 S Angela Cir, Wichita
118. Personal Touch Pools
Address: 8432 W Nantucket St, Wichita
119. Comet Cleaners
Address: 2130 N Tyler Rd, Ste 100, Wichita
120. Wash Wave
Address: 4901 W Central Ave, Wichita
Work: 07:00-21:00
121. Eastridge Cleaners, Inc.
Address: 824 S Woodlawn Blvd, Wichita
122. Discount Cleaners & Coin Laundry
Address: 248 N West St, Wichita
123. Have It Maid
Address: 737 Washington S # 1, Wichita
124. Purifan Inc
Address: 5200 E 35th St N, Wichita
125. Olson Sewer Services LLC
Address: 2622 S Pattie St, Wichita
126. In The Bag Cleaners: 21st & Rock
Address: 2240 N Rock Rd Ct # 107, Wichita
127. American Maid Wichita
Address: 2330 N Oliver Ave, Wichita
128. TFM Services
Address: 118 Martinson N, Wichita
129. Emergency Sewer Repair
Address: 130 Glenn N, Wichita
130. In The Bag Cleaners: Central & Edgemoor
Address: 5624 E Central Ave, Wichita
131. Lee Aerospace
Address: 9323 E 34th St N, Wichita
132. MIT Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 1235 Washington S, Wichita
133. every last spot wichita kansas cleaners
Address: 1366 N Anna St, Wichita
134. Dave's Pool Store & Service
Address: 909 N West St, Wichita
Work: 09:00-18:00
135. Ward's Professional Cleaning, LLC
Address: 8920 W Meadow Park Ct, Wichita
Work: 07:00-22:00
136. Martinizing Dry Cleaning Wichita: Bradley Fair
Address: 2132 N Rock Rd, Wichita
137. In The Bag Cleaners: 37th & Woodlawn
Address: 3700 N Woodlawn St #101, Wichita
138. In The Bag Cleaners: Rock & Central
Address: 8115 E Central Ave, Wichita
139. Welch Cleaners
Address: 858 S Hillside St, Wichita
140. Aramark Uniform Services
Address: 521 Walker W St, Wichita
141. Courtesy Cleaners
Address: 10330 W Central Ave # 100, Wichita
142. We Care Online
Address: 4601 E Douglas Ave #112, Wichita
143. Givens Cleaning Contractors
Address: 250 N Pennsylvania Ave, Wichita
144. Quality Air Duct, HVAC & Gutter Cleaning
Address: 3105 W Central Ave #147, Wichita
Work: 05:00-20:00
145. AAA Portable Services
Address: 3730 S Broadway St, Wichita
Address: 1930 N Woodlawn St, Wichita
147. Waxene Products Co Inc
Address: 2023 N Broadway St, Wichita
148. Ramco Building Maintenance
Address: 312 N Cleveland, Wichita
149. The Cleaning Authority - Wichita
Address: 318 S Greenwood St, Wichita
150. L S Industries
Address: 710 E 17th St N, Wichita
151. MaidPro Wichita
Address: 2130 N Tyler Rd #90, Wichita
152. Servicemaster By Best
Address: Wichita
Address: Wichita
Work: 07:30-19:00
154. A1 Auto Detail
Address: 4435 S Broadway St, Wichita
155. MOLLY MAID of Greater Wichita
Address: 1427 E Waterman St, Wichita
156. Cryokinetics
Address: 2620 S Oliver St # 104, Wichita
157. Jim Morgans Fine Dry Cleaning
Address: 3110 W 13th St N, Wichita
158. Sure Shine Window Cleaning Llc
Address: 9229 Bekemeyer St, Wichita
159. Toms Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 12011 W Hardtner Ct, Wichita
160. In The Bag Cleaners: 21st & Ridge
Address: 2250 N Ridge Rd #500, Wichita
161. Swisher Hygiene Services
Address: 234 N Cleveland, Wichita
162. Attorneys Referral Wichita Bar
Address: 225 N Market St # 200, Wichita
163. Superior Service Company
Address: 840 E Murdock St, Wichita
164. Meg's House Cleaning
Address: 1350 N Westlink Ave, Wichita
165. Williams Janitorial Supply Warehouse
Address: 1509 Washington S, Wichita
166. Safety-Kleen Systems
Address: 4801 W Irving St, Wichita
167. Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association
Address: 3500 N Rock Rd, Wichita
168. Oreck Clean Home Center
Address: 3101 N Rock Rd, Wichita
169. Green Lantern Car Wash
Address: 3323 N Rock Rd, Wichita
Work: 07:00-20:00
170. Millers Dry Cleaners
Address: 1210 S Rock Rd, Wichita
171. Wichita Cleaning Solutions
Address: 3203 E Douglas Ave a, Wichita
172. Melaleuca Products
Address: 2734 Larkin S St, Wichita
173. Schenker Logistics, Inc
Address: 3801 S Oliver St, Wichita
174. Alterations By Sarah
Address: 6160 E 21st St N #170, Wichita
175. Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 815 N Main St, Wichita
176. Appearance Group Inc
Address: 9424 E 37th St N # 100, Wichita
177. Miller's Cleaners
Address: 2619 W 13th St N, Wichita
178. Valpak of Central Kansas
Address: 3714 E 3rd St N, Wichita
179. The Cotillion
Address: 11120 W Kellogg Dr, Wichita
180. Snow White Carpet Cleaning
Address: 406 S Laura St, Wichita