Best comments in Saint Paul,MN

  • Ritzy Clean
    Great carpet cleaning. Very surprised on what can be done when cleaning. I also had my couch cleaned. Now my carpet and couch look years newer, thanks Ritzy Clean.
    360 Larpenteur Ave W, St Paul

  • Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
    Woodbury Cleaners at Eagle Creek is my regular cleaners. They always do a good job, and even managed to get very old mustard stains out of my husband's dress shirt! The employees are always friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and items are re...
    2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul

  • Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
    Amazing! Gave this place a chance after relocating to Woodbury, needed a new dry cleaner and searched around and found great reviews for Woodbury Cleaners and i'm very happy I did. Great service paired with a friendly and helpful staff to top it off....
    2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul

  • Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
    Good service.
    2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul

  • Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
    I took a family heirloom baptism dress here to be cleaned and pressed and when I got it back it had completely different buttons attached to it. No one from the business told me about the buttons or asked me if they could change the buttons. When I...
    2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul

  • Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
    Last summer I had a beautiful outdoor wedding, but between dancing, taking pictures, and walking around visiting with family and friends it really took a toll on my wedding gown. It had been taking up the too much room in our closet for the last 8 mo...
    2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul

Cleaning in Saint Paul, Minnesota
1. Citizens League
Address: 400 Robert St N #1820, St Paul
2. Union Advocate Newspaper
Address: 411 Main St # 202, St Paul
3. Ritzy Clean
Address: 360 Larpenteur Ave W, St Paul
4. Morrissey Hospitality Companies, Inc.
Address: 345 St Peter St #2000, St Paul
5. Woodbury Cleaners - Eagle Valley Marketplace
Address: 2190 Eagle Creek Ln, St Paul
6. Quirk's Marketing Research Review
Address: 4662 Slater Rd, St Paul
7. Selam Hospitality Services
Address: 15571 Finch Ave, St Paul
8. Bi-Phase Technologies LLC
Address: 2945 Lone Oak Dr Ste 150, St Paul
9. TRANE UNIVERSITY™ - Controls Campus
Address: 4833 White Bear Pkwy, St Paul
10. Mulberrys Garment Care
Address: 978 Grand Ave, St Paul
Work: 07:00-21:00
11. Esch Construction Supply
Address: 561 Phalen Blvd, St Paul
12. Jack & Jill Sitter Services
Address: 1080 Jessie St, St Paul
13. ServiceMaster Clean
Address: 3205 Mike Collins Dr, St Paul
14. Mounds Theatre
Address: 1029 Hudson Rd, St Paul
15. All Hours Cleaning Services
Address: 1664 N Manton St, St Paul
16. Storchak Cleaners
Address: 857 E 7th St, St Paul
17. Clean Rite Maintenance Inc
Address: 2736 Woodale Dr, St Paul
18. Metro Cleaning Services Inc
Address: 208 S Ryan Ave, St Paul
19. Eagle Power Products
Address: 2955 Lone Oak Dr # 180, St Paul
20. Spade Landscaping
Address: 930 County Rd C E, St Paul
21. Servicemaster of Northwest
Address: St Paul
22. City & Suburban Window Cleaning
Address: PO Box 19641, St Paul
23. Squeaky Clean Homes Inc
Address: St Paul
24. Everest Cleaning Systems LLC
Address: St Paul
25. Guaranteed Clean Maintenance
Address: 1565 Como Ave # 101, St Paul
26. My-Tana Manufacturing Co
Address: 746 Selby Ave, St Paul
Address: 220 Butler Ave W, St Paul
28. Marsden Services
Address: 2124 University Ave W, St Paul
29. Thomas Lake Cleaners
Address: 1565 Cliff Rd #5, St Paul
30. Ken's Sewer Drain & Plumbing
Address: 1154 5th St E, St Paul
31. Skylark Dry Cleaning
Address: 1530 7th St W, St Paul
32. American Lung Association
Address: 490 Concordia Ave, St Paul
33. Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Inc.
Address: 1608 Randolph Ave, St Paul
Work: 08:00-22:00
34. Maid Brigade
Address: 149 Thompson Ave E #110, St Paul
35. Cortec Corporation
Address: 4119 White Bear Pkwy, St Paul
36. Paradise Full Service Car Wash & Detail Center
Address: 7600 145th St W, St Paul
Work: 08:00-19:00
37. Reeher LLC
Address: 165 Western Ave N, St Paul
38. Soapy Joe's Car Wash
Address: 1340 7th St W, St Paul
Work: 08:00-18:00
39. Hearing Components, Inc. - Comply™ Foam
Address: 615 Hale Ave N, St Paul
40. Troy Chemical Industries Inc
Address: 1506 Buerkle Rd, St Paul
41. MTE Solutions, Inc.
Address: 1893 Buerkle Rd, St Paul
42. ServiceMaster Oakdale Lake Elmo & West Lakeland
Address: 5428 Brittany Ct, St Paul
43. The Directory of Woodbury
Address: 3020 Woodbury Dr, St Paul
44. Park Square Theatre
Address: 20 W 7th Pl, St Paul
45. Triplex Systems Inc
Address: 980 Berwood Ave E #100, St Paul
46. Brothers Industrial Cleaning
Address: 1916 Stillwater Ave E, St Paul
47. Vac That Thing Up
Address: 1500 Dale St N, St Paul
48. Great Lakes Janitorial Services
Address: 1437 Marshall Ave #104, St Paul
Work: 00:00-23:30
49. S&L Team Cleaning
Address: 1821 University Ave W, St Paul
50. Service Master of St Paul
Address: St Paul
51. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
Address: St Paul
52. Service Master Clean
Address: St Paul
53. Reliable Twin Cleaning
Address: St Paul
54. Saint Paul Winter Carnival
Address: 75 W 5th St, St Paul
55. Rola-Chem Corporation
Address: 5858 Centerville Rd, St Paul
56. E & J Dry Cleaners
Address: 642 Selby Ave, St Paul
Work: 06:30-19:00
57. ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services
Address: 451 Commerce Dr #800, St Paul
Work: 00:01-23:59
58. Friends of the Ms River
Address: US Bank Building,, 101 5th St E #2000, St Paul
59. M A Associates
Address: 1449 Carroll Ave, St Paul
60. Marsden Holding
Address: 2124 University Ave W, St Paul
61. Oxi Fresh of Saint Paul Carpet Cleaning
Address: 445 Minnesota St #1500, St Paul
62. Duct Cleaning Twin Cities
Address: 260 Clarence St, St Paul
63. Chapman Drain Cleaning
Address: 1595 Payne Ave, St Paul
64. Hindsite Software
Address: 55 5th St E, St Paul
65. Twin City Janitor Supply
Address: 2345 University Ave W, St Paul
66. Martinizing Dry Cleaners
Address: 698 County B Rd W, St Paul
67. Phalen Park Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Address: 1369 Maryland Ave E, St Paul
Work: 06:30-20:00
68. Woodbury Cleaners
Address: 283 McKnight Rd S, St Paul
69. The Macalester-Groveland Community Council
Address: 320 Griggs St S, St Paul
70. Conservation Corps
Address: 60 Plato Blvd #210, St Paul
71. Red Tag Cleaners Inc
Address: 3250 Rolling Hills Dr, St Paul
72. Service Master of W St Paul
Address: 804 Margaret St, St Paul
73. Virtual Concierge
Address: 1078 Marnie St S, St Paul
74. Fresh Energy
Address: 408 St Peter St # 220, St Paul
75. Mobile Truck & Trailer Services
Address: 880 Duluth St, St Paul
76. State Office Building
Address: 100 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard., St Paul
77. Ecolab Corporate Center
Address: 370 Wabasha St N, St Paul
78. All Seasons Garment Care & Tailoring
Address: 2234 Carter Ave, St Paul
79. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 4825 Glumack Dr, St Paul
80. RED TAG Cleaners
Address: 980 Garden View Dr, St Paul
81. Preferred Ink Products
Address: 380 Oak Grove Pkwy # 400, St Paul
82. Ecolab Global Headquarters
Address: 1, Ecolab Place, St Paul
83. Minnesota Center-Environmental
Address: 26 Exchange St E # 206, St Paul
84. Red Robin Cleaners
Address: 2015 Ford Pkwy, St Paul
85. Innovize
Address: 500 Oak Grove Pkwy, St Paul
86. Clear Corporation
Address: 1522 Albany Ave, St Paul
87. Five Star Professional
Address: 2900 Lone Oak Pkwy #120, St Paul
88. Jani-King
Address: 310 Arundel St # D, St Paul
89. Grand Cleaners
Address: 1757 Lexington Ave N, St Paul
90. Rhinotech Inc
Address: 2955 Lone Oak Cir #2, St Paul
91. Linn Building Maintenance
Address: 1899 Rice St, St Paul
92. Boler Express Car Wash
Address: 1635 White Bear Ave, St Paul
Work: 09:00-18:00
93. Christian Office Cleaning, LLC
Address: 2275 McKnight Rd N #1, St Paul
94. Super Clean Brands
Address: 3045 Sibley Memorial Hwy, St Paul
95. Bonus Building Care
Address: 2042 Wooddale Dr, St Paul
96. Space Grinders
Address: 15050 Cedar Ave S, St Paul
97. Clean Response
Address: 480 Prior Ave N, St Paul
98. Heaven Scent Home Cleaning
Address: 410 E 7th St, St Paul
99. Skylark Opera Theatre
Address: 75 W 5th St #224, St Paul
100. Upper River Services
Address: 40 State St S, St Paul
101. Regal Auto Wash
Address: 2180 7th St, St Paul
Work: 08:00-18:00
103. Ben's Carpet Care
Address: 8476 Long Lake Rd, St Paul
104. Affordable Gutter Cleaning
Address: 1882 Idaho Ave E, St Paul
105. Ecolab Research & Development
Address: 655 Lone Oak Dr, St Paul
106. Furnace & Duct Cleaning
Address: 3185 Karth Rd, St Paul
107. Tempco Manufacturing Company, Inc
Address: 2475 Hwy 55, St Paul
108. RTD Power Washing
Address: 365 Webster St, St Paul
109. FBG Service Corporation
Address: 105 Old Hwy 8 NW # 4, St Paul
110. Wiper Recycling LLC
Address: 2575 Carver Ave, St Paul
111. Dolan's Deluxe Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1349 7th St E, St Paul
112. Stitch & Clean Inc
Address: 2622 White Bear Ave N # 1, St Paul
113. Capital Maintenance Services LLC
Address: 4225 White Bear Pkwy # 800, St Paul
114. Flawless Finish
Address: 1766 Reaney Ave E, St Paul
Work: 16:00-22:00
115. District 1 News and Community Council
Address: 2105 1/2 Old Hudson Rd, St Paul
116. Hamline Cleaners
Address: 649 Snelling Ave, St Paul
117. M & M Cleaners
Address: 1670 Suburban Ave, St Paul
118. Midway Cleaners
Address: 1802 St Clair Ave, St Paul
119. Mb's Cleaning Service
Address: 849 Smith Ave S, St Paul
120. St Croix Cleaners
Address: 300 Snelling Ave S, St Paul
121. McDonough's Water Jetting and Drain Cleaning - St. Paul #2
Address: 1307 Sylvan St, St Paul
122. ROC Commercial Cleaning
Address: 588, Hayward Ave N, St Paul