Best comments in Kansas City,MO

  • Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
    Amazing results! Very pleased with their service, I have had my carpets cleaned by Fetz numorous times. My dog had flees I could not get rid of they have been gone for over a year and I have not had to spray anything to kill them!! I will continue to...
    13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City

  • Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
    I had a great dane - she was older and had gotten sick overnight. I was so overwhelmed because she had made such a mess (imagine a 12 year old great dane dog who weighs 150 pounds!) Fetz came out and cleaned it - not a trace of mess or smell was lef...
    13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City

  • Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
    I have used Fetz on several occasions over the last 4 years for my personal home, office & my rental properties. I cannot say enough about the superior customer service from the office with email scheduling & confirmations, friendly and so educated ...
    13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City

  • Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
    I could go on and on what this company did for us when our company's office basement flooded!!! We initially thought we only needed carpet cleaning and didn’t understand the process. All of their staff was great explaining the process to us and edu...
    13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City

  • Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
    I cannot say enough good things about this company. The service was amazing from start to finish! The office staff were very polite and helpful with setting up my appointment...They even sent me a courtesy email the day before service so I wouldn't ...
    13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City

  • Highlight Building Maintenance LLC
    They are the best, love the people love the work they do! Thanks Christine and Staff!
    6205 NW Kelly Dr #3, Kansas City

Cleaning in Kansas City, Missouri
1. Kansas City Ceiling Cleaning
Address: 9603 NE 96th Ct, Kansas City
2. Fetz Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 13006 SE Raytown Rd, Kansas City
3. Highlight Building Maintenance LLC
Address: 6205 NW Kelly Dr #3, Kansas City
4. Blue Nile Contractors
Address: 95 Drake St, Kansas City
5. Creekwood Cleaners
Address: 307 NE Englewood Rd # A, Kansas City
Address: 107 W 9th St, Kansas City
Work: 09:00-21:00
7. PSC Environmental Services
Address: 700 Mulberry St, Kansas City
8. Chimney Tech
Address: 6018 N Euclid Ave, Kansas City
9. Total Venue
Address: 11610 Grandview Rd, Kansas City
10. Karpet Kleen
Address: 115 NE Ferrell Ln, Kansas City
11. Nature's Touch Cleaners
Address: 13143 State Line Rd, Kansas City
12. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 2841 & 2839 Main St, Kansas City
13. Classic Cleaning
Address: Kansas City
14. Enviro-Duct Air Duct Cleaning
Address: Kansas City
15. Helping Hands Cleaning Services
Address: Kansas City
16. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Address: 1550 Liberty St, Kansas City
17. Kansas City Neighborhood Services
Address: 414 E 12th St, Kansas City
18. US Cleaners
Address: 4804 Noland Rd # Q, Kansas City
19. Morris Pool Service
Address: 6607 E 66th St, Kansas City
20. Health Care Foundation
Address: 2700 E 18th St, Kansas City
21. Lyneer Staffing Solutions
Address: 6501 E Commerce Ave #130, Kansas City
22. Manhattan Cleaners & Hat Works
Address: 5847 Swope Pkwy, Kansas City
23. Musser's Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1258 Howell St, Kansas City
24. Adapt Laser Systems
Address: 1218 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City
25. A Green Way Home Cleaning, LLC
Address: 3111 Wyandotte St #105, Kansas City
26. Kc Air Duct Cleaning
Address: 1225 Union Ave # 500, Kansas City
27. Bridging the Gap Inc
Address: 1427 W 9th St, Kansas City
28. Top Cleaners & Tailor
Address: 4149 N Mulberry Dr, Kansas City
29. Building Care Inc
Address: 8601 E 63rd St, Kansas City
30. Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation.
Address: 1600 N Topping Ave, Kansas City
31. SpecChem
Address: 1511 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City
32. Arrow Fabricare Services
Address: 3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City
33. Ross Miller Cleaners
Address: 5300 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City
34. Garrison Community Center
Address: 1124 E 5th St, Kansas City
Address: 117 W 20th St #203, Kansas City
36. Squeaky Clean Car Wash
Address: 4701 S Hocker Rd, Kansas City
Work: 07:00-19:00
37. Razor Rooter
Address: 3014 NE Excelsior St, Kansas City
38. C & C Carpet Cleaning Plus
Address: 1534 Burlington St, Kansas City
39. Brooks Grease Services Inc
Address: Kansas City
40. Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc.
Address: 6601 Universal Ave, Kansas City
41. Wash Pros
Address: 2100 Manchester Trafficway, Kansas City
42. Advance Clean Solutions
Address: 8505 E 47th St, Kansas City
43. Labconco Corp
Address: 8811 Prospect Ave, Kansas City
44. Blast-It-Clean
Address: 7800 E 12th St # 7, Kansas City
45. American Waste Systems Inc.
Address: 11604 Grandview Rd, Kansas City
46. Liberty Dental Care
Address: 9150 NE Barry Rd b, Kansas City
47. Greenearth Cleaning
Address: 51 W 135th St, Kansas City
48. Rug Cleaning
Address: 8121 Wornall Rd, Kansas City
Work: 09:00-18:00
49. Oriental Rug Cleaning, Repairing, and Restoration
Address: 8121 Wornall Rd, Kansas City
Work: 09:00-18:00
50. Blue Chip Athletic
Address: 600 E 16th Ave, Kansas City
51. I-70 Auto Service
Address: 3111 N Stadium Dr, Kansas City
52. Service Master Restoration
Address: 1101 McGee St, Kansas City
53. Organic Cleaning
Address: 7301 NW Davis Ct, Kansas City
54. Coit Carpet & Drapery Cleaners
Address: 107 E 39th St, Kansas City
55. ServiceMaster DSI
Address: 11632 Grandview Rd, Kansas City
56. Belfonte's Carwash
Address: 13341 State Line Rd, Kansas City
Work: 07:30-19:30
57. Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Address: 6008 NW 63rd Terrace, Kansas City
58. Speedy Cleaners & Laundry
Address: 4845 Independence Ave, Kansas City
59. A Clean Line Sewer And Drain Service Cleaning & Inspection
Address: 2300 Main St., 9th Floor, Kansas City
60. Clean Interiors
Address: 737 NW South Shore Dr, Kansas City
61. Big Splash Car Wash
Address: 614 W 39th St, Kansas City
Work: 08:00-19:00
62. A B M Janitorial Llc
Address: 7133 Virginia Ave, Kansas City
63. Frsteam
Address: 240 NW Plaza Dr, Kansas City
64. Fox 4 News
Address: 3030 Summit St, Kansas City
65. The Dry Cleaner
Address: 6061 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City
66. Faultless Healthcare Linen
Address: 2100 E 19 Terrace, Kansas City
67. Langley Recycling Inc
Address: 3557 N Stadium Dr, Kansas City
68. Classy Care Group
Address: 2300 Main Street, 9th Floor, Kansas City
69. Pro Window Cleaning
Address: 1720 Kansas Ave, Kansas City
70. Mayfair Cleaners
Address: #A, 307 NE Englewood Rd, Kansas City
71. Metropolitan Energy
Address: 1427 W 9th St, Kansas City
72. Walker Towel & Uniform Service, Inc.
Address: 2601 E Truman Rd, Kansas City
73. Poop Scouts Scooper Service
Address: Creek View Dr, Kansas City
74. American Sweeping Inc
Address: 11604 Grandview Rd, Kansas City
75. ISS Facility Services
Address: 1225 E 18th St, Kansas City
76. ISS Worldwide
Address: 1225 E 18th St, Kansas City
77. Web Products Inc
Address: 3155 Terrace St, Kansas City
78. King Clean LLC
Address: 9008 Jarboe St, Kansas City
79. Zep Manufacturing Co
Address: 4102 NW Riverside St, Kansas City
80. Hangers Cleaners
Address: 4970 Main St, Kansas City
81. CottageCare Leawood
Address: 13035 Holmes Rd, Kansas City
82. Servicemaster Elite
Address: 731 Scott Blvd, Kansas City
83. USClean
Address: 3304 N Virginia Ave, Kansas City
84. Shamrock Dry Cleaners
Address: 604 E 99th St, Kansas City
85. Dumit Rug Cleaners
Address: 7746 Wornall Rd, Kansas City
86. Bill's Floor Machine Services
Address: 1225 Tracy Ave, Kansas City
87. Hotsy
Address: 5342 Winner Rd, Kansas City
88. Ace Pipe Cleaning
Address: 6601 Universal Ave, Kansas City
89. American Carpet & Uhpolstery
Address: 212 Sweeney Blvd, Kansas City
90. Ducts Unlimited
Address: 9917 Walnut Dr, Kansas City
Address: 800 E 101st Terrace #350, Kansas City
92. KC Water Services
Address: 414 E 12th St, Kansas City
93. ABM Office
Address: 12600 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City
94. B and A Power Washing Inc.
Address: 4310 N Baltimore Ave, Kansas City
95. City Wide Maintenance
Address: 2405 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City
96. Metropolitan Energy Center
Address: 3808 The Paseo, Kansas City
97. Mop Bucket
Address: 812 Armour Rd, Kansas City
98. Children International
Address: 2000 E Red Bridge Rd, Kansas City
99. Swyden Cleaners
Address: 329 E Gregory Blvd, Kansas City
100. Golden Star Inc
Address: 4770 N Belleview Ave # 209, Kansas City
101. Rainbow Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Address: 8101 Wornall Rd, Kansas City
Work: 07:00-21:00
102. Clean Slate LLC
Address: 1900 Vine St # 8, Kansas City
103. Odorite International
Address: 1530 Prospect Ave, Kansas City
104. Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
Address: 3700 Woodland Ave, Kansas City
105. Get Clean Car Wash
Address: 600 E Red Bridge Rd, Kansas City
106. Mayfair Cleaners/CRDN
Address: 2807 Independence Ave, Kansas City
107. Merry Maids
Address: Kansas City
108. Belzer Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Address: 405 W 96th St, Kansas City
109. Ductz of Central Kansas City & North Overland Park
Address: 6329 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City
110. Hostess Carpet Care
Address: 634 NE 42nd St, Kansas City
111. Equip-Bid Auctions
Address: 1501 W 12th St, Kansas City
112. indoor air specialist
Address: 11012 E 97th Terrace, Kansas City
113. Alice Cleaning Company
Address: 7333 Broadway b, Kansas City
114. BI-State Cleaning Service, LLC
Address: 16100 E 49th St, Kansas City
115. Pro Carpet and Duct Cleaning
Address: 7839 Main St, Kansas City
Work: 00:00-23:30
116. Arcadia Window Cleaning
Address: 6708 NW Hidden Valley Rd, Kansas City
117. DTW Innovative Solutions Inc
Address: 5815 N Cypress Ave, Kansas City
118. Musical Theater Heritage
Address: 2450 Grand Blvd #301, Kansas City
119. Sheila's Dry Cleaners
Address: 6006 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City
120. ASA Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning
Address: 7622 E 90th St, Kansas City
Work: 09:00-17:00
121. Alpha Cleaning Solutions
Address: 1201 NW Briarcliff Pkwy #200, Kansas City
122. Two Gals and A Broom, Inc
Address: 1319 Swift St, Kansas City
123. Family Promise of the Northland
Address: 4406 NE 45th Terrace, Kansas City
124. Bon Ami Co
Address: 1025 W 8th St, Kansas City
125. Ashley's Janitorial Services
Address: 7530 Troost Ave # 102, Kansas City
126. Sf Carpet cleaning
Address: 1100 Brooklyn Ave # 4, Kansas City
Work: 08:00-18:00
127. Crystal Clear Window Cleaning
Address: Kansas City
128. Chimney Pros of Kansas City
Address: 4308 E 24th St, Kansas City
129. Complete Building Maintenance Services
Address: 616 E 63rd St # 220, Kansas City
130. Better Business Bureau
Address: Kansas City
131. Royal Pond Services
Address: 408 Admiral, Suite B, Kansas City
132. Universal Carpet Care
Address: 520 W 103rd St #206, Kansas City
133. KB Enterprises - SW
Address: 4321 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City
134. Domestic Goddess
Address: 4311 Gillham Rd, Kansas City
Address: 435 Nichols Rd #200, Kansas City
136. Clean Energy - Kansas City – Municipal - Public
Address: 5300 Municipal Ave, Kansas City
137. Pride Cleaners
Address: 6507 N Cosby Ave, Kansas City