Best comments in Lincoln,NE

  • Home Instead Senior Care
    My husband and I both worked for this company as CAREgivers. It started out great but the pay definitely wasn't very good or competitive. You are expected to drive all over town for very short hour shifts averaging around an hour and a half and you a...
    1400 Dahlberg Dr #E, Lincoln

  • Home Instead Senior Care
    I am just crushed Home Instead sent a lady who was just RUDE to a possible new client. My mother had her heart thinking they were the one. the lady was very unprofessional and as my mother put it treated her like her health wasn't important and an...
    1400 Dahlberg Dr #E, Lincoln

  • Williams Cleaners & Launderers
    Rude! I was finishing up a conversation on my cell phone outside on the sidewalk before I went in to pick up my dry cleaning. The attendant came out and informed me that I was being too loud for her to do her work. She was quite surprised when I came...
    S 84th St & Old Cheney Rd, Lincoln

  • Williams Cleaners
    I had to buy a new wedding dress two weeks before my wedding. When I got to town for the wedding, I had only a day to get the dress pressed and Williams did it for me.
    2541 N 48th St, Lincoln

  • Williams Cleaners
    I was very impressed with this dry cleaners. I had a formal dress with years-old stains and they were able to remove them completely in 2.5 days. There was no weird smell on the dress when I picked it up. They also put a lot of effort into how the...
    2541 N 48th St, Lincoln

  • Williams Cleaners
    This is my second time at this location. I was giving them a second try but once again my shirts were returned to me wrinkled and my tie damaged and coming undone at the seams. I suppose the tie is not necessarily their fault being an older piece, bu...
    2541 N 48th St, Lincoln

Cleaning in Lincoln, Nebraska
1. Home Instead Senior Care
Address: 1400 Dahlberg Dr #E, Lincoln
2. Williams Cleaners
Address: 2541 N 48th St, Lincoln
3. Lincoln Seamless Gutters
Address: 5100 N 27th St, Lincoln
4. Freedom Cleaning Solutions
Address: 5412 S 74th St, Lincoln
Work: 08:00-22:00
5. FBG Service Corporation
Address: 5820 Colfax Ave, Lincoln
6. Finishing Touch Car Wash & Detail
Address: 8601 S 33rd St, Lincoln
Work: 07:00-20:00
7. Matt's Sewer & Drain
Address: 1616 W Garfield St, Lincoln
8. Jarboe Property Services
Address: 3230 S 13th St #400, Lincoln
Address: 10241 Old Cheney Rd, Lincoln
Work: 07:00-20:00
10. Andori Cleaning Solutions
Address: 3400 Wildbriar Ln, Lincoln
11. Maid To Please
Address: 1101 Arapahoe St # 104, Lincoln
Address: 8200 Cody Dr f, Lincoln
14. Starcrest Cleaners
Address: 2720 Porter Ridge Rd, Lincoln
Work: 06:30-20:30
15. Jet Splash Car Wash
Address: 1641 N 86th St, Lincoln
Work: 08:00-19:00
16. Personal Health Care Services
Address: 11301 W Holdrege St, Lincoln
Work: 10:00-16:00
17. Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 526 Garfield St, Lincoln
Address: 301 S 70th St #127, Lincoln
19. 2 M Cleaning Services
Address: 437 N 44th St #1408, Lincoln
20. Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Lincoln NE
Address: 8055 O St #122, Lincoln
21. Attention To Detail Cleaning
Address: Lincoln
22. Midwest Industrial Cleaning
Address: 920 W Custer St, Lincoln
23. Taylor's Drain & Sewer Services
Address: 2201 Sewell St, Lincoln
24. Groundwater Foundation
Address: 3201 Pioneers Blvd #105, Lincoln
25. Mail Plus Hangers Cleaners
Address: 3201 South St, Lincoln
26. Excel Development Group
Address: 8551 Lexington Ave, Lincoln
27. Choice Commercial Cleaning
Address: 532 Sailside Dr, Lincoln
28. Lincoln Sewer & Drain Plumbing
Address: 2905 W Denton Rd, Lincoln
29. MTO Clean
Address: 2600 W L St C, Lincoln
30. Nebraska's Best Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2511 Nancy Dr, Lincoln
31. Blue Ox Tree Service
Address: 1700 S 24th St #3, Lincoln
32. Hartland Cleaning Services & Associates
Address: 5100 N 57th St, Lincoln
33. Pinnacle Carpet Care
Address: 4101 Progressive Ave # 2, Lincoln
34. Premium Carpet Care
Address: 3420 N 22nd St #3, Lincoln
35. Industri-Clean
Address: 6209 Southdale Rd, Lincoln
36. Andrew Cleaning Service
Address: 7021 Orchard St, Lincoln
37. Bion Research Skin Care Products
Address: 6020 S 58th St, Lincoln
38. Middle Creek Kennels
Address: 301 SW 98th St, Lincoln
39. Schaefer’s Appliance Service Center
Address: 601 N 66th St, Lincoln
40. Lincoln Wastewater Emergency
Address: 2400 Theresa St, Lincoln
41. Adamz K9 Waste Cleanup
Address: 3255 S 10th St, Lincoln
42. Organic Crop Improvement Association
Address: 1340 N Cotner Blvd, Lincoln
43. V.I.P. Cleaning Services, Inc
Address: 2804 Drake St, Lincoln
44. DataSpan
Address: 301 S 70th St #155, Lincoln
45. Keep Nebraska Beautiful
Address: 3201 Pioneers Blvd #118, Lincoln
46. Carey Inc
Address: 4641 S 86th Ct, Lincoln
47. Becwar & Associates Entertainment Agency
Address: 4110 Van Dorn St, Lincoln
48. Williams 24hr
Address: 1646 N 22nd St, Lincoln
49. Holmes Sewer And Drain
Address: 610 G St, Lincoln
50. Hood Pros of Nebraska - Hood Cleaning Services
Address: 1900 Breckenridge Dr, Lincoln
51. TLC Dry Cleaners
Address: 4815 Old Cheney Rd B, Lincoln
52. Truck Paper
Address: 120 W Harvest Dr, Lincoln
53. Cleaning Services
Address: 1646 N 22nd St, Lincoln
54. US Petrolon Industrial
Address: 447 N 66th St # 3, Lincoln
55. Strictly Business Magazine
Address: 2103 N Cotner Blvd, Lincoln
56. Ameri Pride Services
Address: 4109 Progressive Ave, Lincoln
57. Nebraska Medical Cleaning Services
Address: 2204 Southwood Pl, Lincoln
58. Fish Window Cleaning
Address: 6121 S 58th St c, Lincoln
59. Perry Reid Properties
Address: 9200 Andermatt Dr, Lincoln
60. Hangers Cleaners
Address: 2655 S 70th St, Lincoln
61. Clear Vision Eye Care
Address: 570 Fallbrook Blvd #108, Lincoln
62. Crystal Clean Housekeeping Inc.
Address: 5701 Russell Dr, Lincoln
63. Central States Hydraulic Inc
Address: 201 NW 28th St, Lincoln
64. Doug's Top Hat Chimney Services
Address: 5608 S 77th St, Lincoln
65. Lincoln Hotel Group
Address: 9240 Andermatt Dr, Lincoln
66. The Cleaning Authority - Lincoln
Address: 6001 S 58th St e, Lincoln
67. Herrick's Services
Address: 8020 Lillibridge St, Lincoln
68. ServiceMaster Restortion of Tri Cities
Address: 3130 S 6th St #108, Lincoln
69. Pure & Secure
Address: 4511 NW 42nd St, Lincoln
70. Surplus Center
Address: 1015 W O St, Lincoln
71. Southside Carwash
Address: 5500 S 48th St, Lincoln
72. Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center
Address: #F, 7405 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln
Work: 07:30-06:00
73. Reinick Heating , Air Conditioning & Duct Cleaning
Address: 1346 N 23rd St, Lincoln
74. Masport Inc
Address: 6140 McCormick Dr, Lincoln
75. Blue Monarch Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1151 S 112th St, Lincoln
76. Wellington Greens Golf Course
Address: 7600 Old Post Rd, Lincoln
77. J4K Cleaning
Address: 7700 S 33rd St, Lincoln
78. All Care
Address: 1080 W Saltillo Rd, Lincoln
79. Williams Cleaners & Shirt
Address: 3900 Old Cheney Rd # 203, Lincoln
80. Sweetjs Cleaning Services
Address: 8001 S 16th St, Lincoln
81. Southwood Neighborhood Association
Address: 5000 Tipperary Trail, Lincoln
82. Brycorp
Address: 1600 SW 44th St, Lincoln
83. Dry Clean City
Address: 5600 S 59th St # 107, Lincoln
84. Oreck Clean Home Center-Lincoln
Address: 2901 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln
Work: 10:00-18:00
85. Five Star Carpet & Floor Care
Address: 2646 Wilderness Ridge Cir, Lincoln
86. Gemini Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2344 S 13th St #2, Lincoln
87. PSSI Lincoln Office
Address: 3140 O St, Lincoln
88. Kevlar Handyman Services
Address: 4911 S 73rd St, Lincoln
89. Sniferz
Address: 9545 S 98th St, Lincoln
90. Bulu Box
Address: 1320 P St #200, Lincoln
91. Althouse Steam Cleaning
Address: Lincoln
92. Taken To the Cleaners
Address: PO Box 5372, Lincoln
93. Beavers Pond Cleaning
Address: Lincoln
94. Nebraskaland Professional
Address: Lincoln
95. Brycor
Address: Lincoln
96. American Beer Equipment
Address: 1941 SW 6th St, Lincoln
97. Cleaning Ninjas
Address: 3705 South St #200, Lincoln
98. Zenitram Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 4231 Progressive Ave, Lincoln
99. Rainbow International Restoration & Cleaning
Address: 2211 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln
100. Aftermath Services LLC
Address: 5601 South 59th Street, Lincoln
101. ServiceMaster of Lancaster County
Address: 3130 S 6th St #108, Lincoln
102. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 701 P St #302, Lincoln
103. Tan-Aire
Address: 168 Harwood Ct, Lincoln
104. Electric Shaver Service
Address: 315 S 11th St, Lincoln
105. Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
Address: 855 N 16th St, Lincoln
106. Lang Property Services LLC
Address: 6443 Gabrielle Dr, Lincoln
107. Commercial Investment Properties
Address: 7211 S 27th St, Lincoln
108. Mr Steam
Address: 5243 Leighton Ave, Lincoln
Work: 09:00-19:00
109. LNK Cleaning Company Lincoln
Address: 2330 N Chester St, Lincoln
Work: 09:00-18:30
110. Hire A Maid
Address: 4444 O St #8, Lincoln
111. Superior Veterinary Care
Address: 4640 Bair Ave #100, Lincoln
112. Servicemaster PBM of Lincoln
Address: 2626 O St, Lincoln
113. Williams Cleaners & Launderers
Address: 2840 S 70th St, Lincoln
114. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Address: 6440 Havelock Ave, Lincoln
115. Aramark Uniform Services
Address: 3300 N 41 St, Lincoln
116. Royal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 5401 S 20th St Cir, Lincoln
117. Sun-Kist Dry Cleaners
Address: 4317 N 62nd St, Lincoln
118. Details Cleaning, LLC
Address: 5321 Happy Hollow Ln, Lincoln