Best comments in Syracuse,NY

  • Delta Sonic Car Wash
    The best full stop service gas station in syracuse , John at tim Hortons even made my experience of getting a coffee great. Really A great team y'all have here.
    3328 W Genesee St, Syracuse

  • Delta Sonic Car Wash
    First time for going through an automated pre wash station before I hit the main wash on top of 2 manual pre wash individuals. That was a huge Plus and it seemed like a very steady flow. Unfortunately I didn't get as clean of a vehicle as I had expec...
    3328 W Genesee St, Syracuse

  • Delta Sonic Car Wash
    So glad there is finally a Delta Sonic close and most professional place to get your car washed. Make sure you ALWAYS tip the workers there well, they do an amazing job!!
    3328 W Genesee St, Syracuse

  • Delta Sonic Car Wash
    Got a unlimited membership for the car wash. Second time thorough, the kid loading the cars on the conveyor wasn't paying attention and my car was pushed into another car on the track. I filed a claim because by bumper got damaged. Few days later, I ...
    3328 W Genesee St, Syracuse

  • Delta Sonic Car Wash
    $36for exterior and interior but not clean at all. There was some yellow drop on my car and they said they just use dry towel swipe them and told me they can only clean them all with some ABC liquid which need to charge me $35 per hour, they said it ...
    3328 W Genesee St, Syracuse

  • Onondaga Community College
    This school does nothing about other students bothering you during lecture. When you're trying to focus and drop-outs are just wasting their financial aid, you have to deal with it.
    4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse

Cleaning in Syracuse, New York
1. Onondaga Community College
Address: 4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse
2. Dependable Disposal
Address: 6948 Herman Rd, Syracuse
3. General Service Office
Address: 333 E Washington St, Syracuse
4. CNY Fire & Emergency Services
Address: 3644 John Glenn Blvd, Syracuse
5. The Tech Garden
Address: 235 Harrison St, Syracuse
6. Atlantic States Legal Foundation
Address: 658 W Onondaga St, Syracuse
7. Shoppingtown Dental Services
Address: 6607 Kinne Rd, Syracuse
Address: 235 Harrison St, Syracuse
9. D J Giancola Exports Inc
Address: 4317 E Genesee St, Syracuse
10. Cavedine's Appliance Services Inc
Address: 304 Cogswell Ave, Syracuse
11. Dewitt Cleaners Inc
Address: 3550 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
12. Tier One Building Services
Address: 129 W Fayette St, Syracuse
13. Niland Patrick
Address: 401 Ashdale Ave, Syracuse
14. Empire Division Inc
Address: 201 Kirkpatrick St, Syracuse
15. Genesee Dry Cleaners & Laundry
Address: 212 Cherry St, Syracuse
16. 40 Below
Address: 115 W Fayette St, Syracuse
17. Green Cleaning Technologies, LLC
Address: 222 Teall Ave, Syracuse
19. Mold Removal Syracuse
Address: 500 Tully St, Syracuse
20. The Clean Tech Center
Address: 235 Harrison St, Syracuse
21. Expert Chimney Services Inc
Address: 4800 McDonald Rd, Syracuse
22. Cny Roof Cleaning
Address: 6076 Smith Rd, Syracuse
Work: 08:00-19:00
23. Jemco Water Treatment Services Inc
Address: 7035 Van Buren Rd, Syracuse
24. ABM - Facility Services
Address: East 801 Hiawatha Boulevard, Syracuse
25. Wash On Wheels of Syracuse Inc
Address: 515 Brown Ave, Syracuse
Work: 08:30-17:30
26. Northeast Hawley Development Association, Inc. (NEHDA, Inc.)
Address: 101 Gertrude St, Syracuse
27. Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign
Address: 2013 E Genesee St, Syracuse
28. Affordable Windows Co
Address: 7107 Jones Rd, Syracuse
29. The Shine Box
Address: 500 N Midler Ave, Syracuse
30. Brophy Services Inc
Address: 1972 Teall Ave, Syracuse
31. Shehadi, Inc. Area Rugs & Cleaning
Address: 1502 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
32. Property Restoration Inc.
Address: 6194 Thompson Rd, Syracuse
33. Drain Masters
Address: Syracuse
34. Oreck Clean Home Center
Address: 3179 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
35. Magic Cleaning Services
Address: 600 Turtle St, Syracuse
36. New York Water Environment Association Inc.
Address: 525 Plum St #102, Syracuse
37. Masters Supply
Address: 1018 Cadillac St, Syracuse
38. Angelo Chiodo
Address: 618 Wolf St, Syracuse
Work: 00:00-23:30
39. Executive Cleaners Tailors
Address: 60 Presidential Plaza, Syracuse
40. Immaculate Concepts Cleaning Service, LLC
Address: 5022 Greenview Terrace, Syracuse
41. Ritter's Cleaners
Address: 403 S Main St, Syracuse
42. Artel Cleaning & Tailoring
Address: 4607 W Genesee St, Syracuse
43. Pat's Safeway Dry Cleaning
Address: 302 Gifford St, Syracuse
Address: 3650 James St #111, Syracuse
45. Willowbank Co LLC
Address: 720 University Ave, Syracuse
46. Dewitt Car Wash Detail Center
Address: 3474 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
47. Fairmount Cleaners
Address: 3508 W Genesee St # 3, Syracuse
48. GDI Integrated Facility Services
Address: 401 Ashdale Ave, Syracuse
49. Clark Air Systems
Address: 7174 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse
50. Op-Tech Environmental Svc
Address: 6392 Deere Rd # 1, Syracuse
Address: 2203 W Genesee St, Syracuse
52. Gardner Denver Oberdorfer Pmps
Address: 5900 Firestone Dr, Syracuse
53. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Address: 1 Forestry Dr, Syracuse
54. Green Cleaning Technicians
Address: 222 Teall Ave, Syracuse
55. New York State Fairgrounds
Address: 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse
56. Caltex International Ltd
Address: 60 Presidential Ct #1405, Syracuse
57. Jack's Septic Service
Address: 4079 New Ct Ave, Syracuse
Work: 08:00-20:00
58. Cryomech Inc
Address: 113 Falso Dr, Syracuse
59. Valley One Hour Cleaners
Address: 4748 Onondaga Blvd, Syracuse
60. Gozzo's Pet Waste & Clean Up
Address: 214 Hixson Ave, Syracuse
61. Safety-Kleen Systems
Address: 6741 Vip Pkwy, Syracuse
62. Rainbow Authorized Sales & Service
Address: 1400 N State St, Syracuse
63. Tracey Packaging Inc
Address: 315 Wavel St, Syracuse
64. True Color CNY
Address: 504 Bronson Rd, Syracuse
65. Cooney Air Conditioning & Heating
Address: 2516 Lodi St, Syracuse
66. Ri-Coz Building Services
Address: 217 S Salina St, Syracuse
67. Canine Clubhouse
Address: 519 Horan Rd, Syracuse
68. Billies Dry Cleaning
Address: 4878 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse
69. Central New York Land Trust
Address: 431 E Fayette St, Syracuse
70. Commercial Maintenance Supply
Address: 6021 Tarbell Rd, Syracuse
71. Samaritan Center
Address: 215 N State St, Syracuse
Work: 07:30-16:30
72. Air Cleaning Systems Inc
Address: 8 Sunset Dr, Syracuse
73. Zoey Advertising
Address: 936 N Clinton St, Syracuse
74. Corporate Maintenance Systems
Address: 6075 E Molloy Rd # 19, Syracuse
75. ServiceMaster Clean of Syracuse
Address: (Second Floor), 936 N Clinton St #500, Syracuse
76. Detor Computer Services
Address: 264 S Collingwood Ave, Syracuse
77. University Village Apartments on Colvin
Address: 315 Small Rd, Syracuse
Work: 09:00-20:00
78. KGB Auto Detailing
Address: 412 Wolf St, Syracuse
79. American Maid
Address: 252 Hillsdale Ave, Syracuse
80. Action Technical Services Inc
Address: 122 Pickard Dr, Syracuse
81. Forcione's Cleaning Services
Address: State Fair Blvd, Syracuse
82. Northside Urban Partnership
Address: 115 W Fayette St, Syracuse
83. AAA Attaboy Plumbing Sewer
Address: Syracuse
84. Mr Rooter Of Syracuse
Address: 1770 Erie Blvd W, Syracuse
85. Syracuse Builders Exchange Inc
Address: 6563 Ridings Rd, Syracuse
86. UltraClean, Inc.
Address: 300 Marcellus St, Syracuse
87. Jet Cleaners
Address: 2920 E Genesee St, Syracuse
88. Campus West Apartments
Address: 150 Henry St, Syracuse
Work: 09:00-20:00
89. Kirby Co
Address: 405 N State St, Syracuse
90. Le Moyne College
Address: 1419 Salt Springs Rd, Syracuse
91. Greater Syracuse Business
Address: M&T Bank Bldg, 101 S Salina St #1030, Syracuse
92. Fulton Heating Solutions, Inc.
Address: Running Ridge Rd, Syracuse
93. Clean Services
Address: 923 James St # 24, Syracuse
94. ABM Janitorial Services
Address: 6700 Thompson Rd, Syracuse
95. Downtown Committee of Syracuse
Address: 115 W Fayette St, Syracuse
96. Syracuse Home Care
Address: 126 S Terry Rd, Syracuse
97. Edco Sales Inc
Address: 700 Emerson Ave, Syracuse
98. Jaquin Dry Cleaners
Address: 2000 Grant Blvd, Syracuse
99. Ecodry NY Carpet Cleaning of Syracuse
Address: 355 Buckingham Ave, Syracuse
100. Delta Sonic Car Wash
Address: 3439 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse
Work: 07:00-21:00
101. Solvents & Petroleum Service, Inc.
Address: 1405 Brewerton Rd, Syracuse
102. Valley 1 Hour Cleaners
Address: 1921 South Ave, Syracuse
103. CNY Cleaning Solutions
Address: 479 Brattle Rd, Syracuse
Work: 07:30-18:30
104. Commercial Kitchen Exhaust
Address: Syracuse