Best comments in Tulsa,OK

  • Spiffy's Cleaners
    Great quality and friendly faces. Finally a Cleaner that does a great job on my dress shirts.
    8090 S Yale Ave, Tulsa

  • Spiffy's Cleaners
    For some reason Tulsa seems to have an high overall dry cleaning cost. They did a fair job here on my men's suit ($13) and a woman's dress ($13). Men's deess shirts were priced at ($6) each and wedding dressses at ($100). They run weekly specials on...
    8090 S Yale Ave, Tulsa

  • Mr Klean Car Wash
    Over all it was a good wash, they just dont pay attention to small details inside the car. Make sure you inspect the inside
    6510 E 71st St, Tulsa

  • Mr Klean Car Wash
    Good work. Pleasant waiting area. Thank you, be sure to tip the folks who wipe your car down and vacuum.♡♡♡
    6510 E 71st St, Tulsa

  • Mr Klean Car Wash
    Went on a road trip with my husky and got mud and fur all over my car. I decided to take it to Mr Klean and asked the guy the package he recommended. They did a great job for an amazing price too ! They also found a piece of metal in my tire and made...
    6510 E 71st St, Tulsa

  • Mr Klean Car Wash
    This was the worst car wash I've ever had! I just wasted $30 to have them run my car through an automatic car wash. All they did to the interior of my car was wipe off the dash. They didn't touch the doors or the console, left my console with sticky ...
    6510 E 71st St, Tulsa

Cleaning in Tulsa, Oklahoma
1. Tulsa Power Wash - Pressure Washing Service
Address: 7030-c South Lewis, Tulsa
Work: 08:00-22:00
2. Resolute PR
Address: 36 E Cameron St, Tulsa
3. Mr Klean Car Wash
Address: 6510 E 71st St, Tulsa
Work: 08:00-18:00
4. Acme Products
Address: 2666 N Darlington Ave, Tulsa
5. Air Doctor Duct Cleaning
Address: 10344 E 56th Pl, Tulsa
6. Fabri Clean Supply
Address: 808 S Yorktown Ave, Tulsa
7. Afterglow Aircraft Solutions
Address: 3212 N 74th E Ave, Tulsa
8. Gleaming Glass Window Cleaning Tulsa
Address: 11063-D S Memorial Dr, STE #107, Tulsa
Work: 08:00-18:00
9. Oxygen Safety Consultants Inc
Address: 8920 W 51st St, Tulsa
10. Sooner Emergency Services Inc
Address: 2131 S 49th W Ave, Tulsa
11. Maintenance Partner, LLC.
Address: 5100 E Skelly Dr #900, Tulsa
12. Custom Sales Inc
Address: 6202 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa
13. Office Express Janitorial Services, Inc.
Address: 7169 S Braden Ave, Tulsa
14. Heritage-Crystal Clean
Address: 11915 East 51st Street South #1, Tulsa
15. Clean Air Action Corporation
Address: 7134 S Yale Ave # 310, Tulsa
16. Miracle Mist Carpet Cleaning
Address: 6343 S 33rd W Ave, Tulsa
17. Bonus Building Care
Address: 8135 E 74th Pl, Tulsa
18. CSJ Clean Sweep Janitorial
Address: Tulsa
19. Alliance Maintenance
Address: Tulsa
20. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
Address: Tulsa
21. All Star Window Cleaning, LLC
Address: Tulsa
23. Super Clean Laundromat
Address: 6555 E 71st St, Tulsa
Work: 07:00-21:00
24. Hope Carpet Cleaning
Address: 3324 S 126th E Ave, Tulsa
25. Helmerich Research Center
Address: 526 N. Elgin Avenue, 526 N Elgin Ave, Tulsa
26. Enviro Clean Oil
Address: 7060 S Yale Ave, Tulsa
27. Hotsy Corporation
Address: Tulsa
28. Multi-Clean Janitorial Service - Tulsa
Address: 6218 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa
29. Sapphire Window Cleaning LLC Tulsa Office
Address: 9521 Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa
30. At Your Service Rentals
Address: 5610 N Mingo Rd, Tulsa
31. Action Power Wash Inc
Address: 3310 S Santa Fe Ave, Tulsa
32. Valpak of Tulsa
Address: 1715 S Boston Ave, Tulsa
33. Homemaid
Address: 5635 S Mingo Rd # A, Tulsa
34. Tulsa Metal Finishing Company
Address: 1705 N 166th E Ave, Tulsa
35. Royal Manufacturing Co
Address: 516 S 25th W Ave, Tulsa
36. Comet Cleaners
Address: 5117 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa
37. Nordic Pure
Address: Tulsa
38. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Tulsa
Address: 1831 E 71st St, Tulsa
39. Cintas Facility Services
Address: 5940 S 129th E Ave, Tulsa
40. Better View Window Cleaning
Address: 17508 E 46th St, Tulsa
41. Printed Products Inc
Address: 1144 E Haskell St, Tulsa
42. Able Aerobic & Septic Systems
Address: 1337 S 99th E Ave, Tulsa
43. Dry Clean Super Center-South
Address: 10401 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
44. Cox Business Center
Address: 100 Civic Center, Tulsa
45. Divco
Address: 2806 N Sheridan Rd, Tulsa
46. Accent Cleaning & Restoration
Address: 6972 E 38th St #200, Tulsa
47. Extremely Clean Pressure Washing
Address: 3867 N Delaware Ave, Tulsa
48. Summit Janitorial and Industrial Products
Address: 1610 N 170th E Ave, Tulsa
49. Tulsa Home Services
Address: 7615 E 63rd Pl, Tulsa
50. ABM & Associates
Address: 4649 S 83rd E Ave, Tulsa
51. Platinum Cleaning
Address: 8636 E 78th Pl, Tulsa
52. Breathe Easy Air Duct Cleaning
Address: 10005 E 44th Pl, Tulsa
53. Clean Dean's Chimney Sweep Service
Address: 10005 E 44th Pl, Tulsa
54. Cali Group Services
Address: 14201 E 21st St, Tulsa
55. Clean the Uniform Company
Address: 4281 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa
56. La Mode Quality Cleaners of Tulsa Dry Cleaning
Address: 1710 Utica Square, Tulsa
57. Environmental Cleaning Systems
Address: 4308 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa
58. Victory Carpet Cleaning
Address: 7675 S 49th W Ave, Tulsa
59. River Parks Authority Main Office
Address: 2424 E 21st St #300, Tulsa
60. Zydot Unlimited Inc
Address: 5147 S Harvard Ave # 247, Tulsa
61. Squeaky Clean Dog Wash
Address: 3316 W 42nd Pl, Tulsa
62. Venger Group
Address: 119 S 200th E Ave, Tulsa
63. ASIG
Address: 3002 N 77th E Ave, Tulsa
64. Semi Crazy Truck Wash
Address: 16136 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa
65. Commercial Cleaning Services Of Oklahoma
Address: 2300 Riverside Dr, Tulsa
66. A Clean Environment
Address: 2801 S 25th W Ave, Tulsa
67. Immaculate Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance
Address: 116 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa
68. Best Cleaning Services Co
Address: PO Box 14163, Tulsa
69. Joe McGee Ministries
Address: 11013 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
70. Final Touch Commercial Cleaning
Address: 10404 E 55th Pl c, Tulsa
71. Kunz Janitorial
Address: 7835 S Granite Ave, Tulsa
72. Phoenix Cleaners
Address: 125 E 18th St, Tulsa
73. Jani-King
Address: 5810 E Skelly Dr # 600, Tulsa
74. Sooner Septic
Address: 6120 S 41st W Ave, Tulsa
75. Tulsa Cleaning Systems
Address: 6502 New Sapulpa Rd, Tulsa
76. Tulsa Oriental & Area Rug Cleaner
Address: 1012 S Elgin Ave, Tulsa
77. Clean Freaks of Tulsa
Address: 2740 E 21st St, Tulsa
78. News On 6 KOTV
Address: 303 N Boston Ave, Tulsa
79. Jani-King of Tulsa
Address: 5314 S Yale Ave, Tulsa
80. MIRATECH Corporation
Address: 420 S 145th East Ave # A, Tulsa
81. Courtesy Care Cleaning
Address: Tulsa
82. Safety-Kleen Systems
Address: 16319 Marshall St, Tulsa
83. Super Cleaner
Address: 2036 E 81st St, Tulsa
84. All Maintenance Supply
Address: 6536 E 12th St, Tulsa
85. Preferred Carpet Care
Address: 5663 S Mingo Rd j, Tulsa
Work: 08:00-20:00
86. Maid To Order
Address: 3534 S Joplin Pl, Tulsa
87. Sunrise Janitorial Services
Address: 2749 W 64th St, Tulsa
89. Professional Cleaning Supply
Address: 8155 E 46th St, Tulsa
90. Worldwide Partners International
Address: 215 W 16th St, Tulsa
91. GuRuStu
Address: 628 E 3rd St, Tulsa
92. Park Plaza Cleaners & Shirt
Address: 5144 S 94th E Ave, Tulsa
93. Milli Care Commercial Carpet
Address: 5663 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa
94. Hotsy of Tulsa
Address: 4158 S 70th E Ave, Tulsa
95. 36 Degrees North
Address: 36 E Cameron St, Tulsa
96. Value News VALUES Magazine
Address: 5800 E Skelly Dr #708, Tulsa
97. Carpet Cleaning Pros
Address: 401 S. Boston Ave, Suite 500C, Tulsa
Work: 08:00-18:00
98. Sears Carpet & Upholstery Care
Address: 3541 S New Haven Ave, Tulsa
99. Mighty Clean Corporation
Address: 10050 S 33rd W Ave, Tulsa
100. Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa
Address: 7614 E 91st St Suite 120, Tulsa
101. Lamode Quality Cleaners of Tulsa Dry Cleaners
Address: 9679 Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa
102. Tulsa Shoe Rebuilders
Address: 5455 S Mingo Rd C, Tulsa
103. Tulsa Country Club
Address: 701 N Union Ave, Tulsa
104. Brookside Cleaners
Address: 3632 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa
105. City Wide Janitorial Services
Address: 8755 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa
Address: 6910 Whirlpool Drive, Tulsa
107. Braden Manufacturing LLC
Address: 5199 N Mingo Rd, Tulsa
108. Tulsa Dentist | Tulsa Modern Dental | Tulsa Teeth Cleaning
Address: 3345 S Harvard Ave #302, Tulsa
109. Yale Cleaners
Address: 10032 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa
110. ServiceMaster Premier
Address: 5933 S 99th E Ave, Tulsa
111. Servicemaster Tulsa Ok - 4195
Address: 10838 East Newton Place, Tulsa
112. Service Master Clean
Address: 10838 East Newton Place, Tulsa
113. Anago Cleaning Systems
Address: 4725 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
114. A Pain In The Glass Window Cleaning
Address: 5208 S Atlanta Ave, Tulsa
115. Domestic Aide of Tulsa
Address: 5401 S Sheridan Rd # 203, Tulsa
116. Berry Municipal Pool
Address: 5002 N Wheeling Ave, Tulsa
117. Landers Window Cleaning
Address: 11119 E 56th St, Tulsa
118. Tulsa Apartment Association
Address: 6855 S Canton Ave, Tulsa
119. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 9916 E 43rd St Suite F, Tulsa
120. Fox Cleaners
Address: 1732 S Boston Ave, Tulsa
121. Cintas Corporation
Address: 7170 S Braden Ave #183, Tulsa
122. Tulsa Hills Dental Care
Address: 7153 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa
123. Tulsa Manufacturing Plant
Address: 6801 S 65th W Ave, Tulsa
124. MaidOK Tulsa
Address: 2909 E 93rd St #901, Tulsa
125. DeHoney's Cleaners
Address: 1427 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa
126. Midvale Industries
Address: 11384 E Tecumseh St, Tulsa
127. Finishing Technologie Inc
Address: 11384 E Tecumseh St, Tulsa
128. Tulsa Fire Department
Address: 3520 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa
129. O K Filter Inc
Address: 14602 Clean Air Dr, Tulsa
130. West Mark Facility Services
Address: 7702 E 91st St #205, Tulsa
131. Pipeline Equipment Inc
Address: 8403 S 89th W Ave, Tulsa
132. ODR Carpet Cleaning
Address: 6565 E 42nd St b, Tulsa
133. Enduro Pipeline Services
Address: 5002 S 45th W Ave, Tulsa
134. Espo Fire & Water Restoration
Address: 712 S Wheeling Ave, Tulsa
135. My Vacuum Shop by Clean Freaks
Address: 2740 E 21st St, Tulsa
136. Crystal Clean Car Wash
Address: 8027 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
137. Arbors of Southern Hills
Address: 6630 S Zunis Ave, Tulsa
138. Clear Air Tools
Address: 2650 N Sheridan Rd, Tulsa
139. Cintas Uniform Services
Address: 5940 S 129th E Ave, Tulsa
140. Allbrite Window Cleaning - Tulsa
Address: 7107 S Yale Ave, Tulsa
Work: 00:00-12:00
141. Better Business Bureau
Address: 4937 S 78th E Ave, Tulsa
142. Spiffy's Cleaners
Address: 5419 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa
143. Natural Evolution, Inc.
Address: 5701 E 13th St, Tulsa
144. Oreck Clean Home Center
Address: 7145 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa
145. Process Equipment Co.
Address: 7630 E 46th Pl, Tulsa
146. La Mode Quality Cleaners of Tulsa Dry Cleaners
Address: 10030 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa
147. Harp Service Company
Address: 5009 W 62nd St S, Tulsa
148. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems of Tulsa
Address: 1516 S Boston Ave # 130, Tulsa
149. Awnings of Tulsa Inc
Address: 1428 E 1st St, Tulsa
150. A Nco Property Services
Address: 3015 E Skelly Dr # 250, Tulsa