Best comments in El Paso,TX

  • El Paso Inc
    This newspaper is really helpful for people interested in El Paso. They have good writers and editors, so the product tends to be very good. They really shine on indepth coverage of local stories. I am not so much interested in the "lifestyle" parts ...
    120 Porfirio Diaz St, El Paso

  • Clean Water of El Paso
    The water system I had purchased from another company had stopped working. The company I purchased it from was no longer in business. I called many companies but they all wanted to replace the system with a new one. I was horrified since I had paid o...
    4673 Osborne Dr, El Paso

  • Clean Water of El Paso
    Clean Water did a great job installing my system. The job was done professionally and clean. The whole house system does everything they said it would. I love my hair! I recommend this company highly!
    4673 Osborne Dr, El Paso

  • Clean Water of El Paso
    Water softeners, water filtration, and reverse osmosis. Fantastic current technology! These guys are professionals and specialized in providing the best water treatment. Now my water tastes better and doesn't have the rusty smell it used to!
    4673 Osborne Dr, El Paso

  • Angelus Cleaners
    I have yet to have a problem with Angelus cleaners. I find their customer service to be great, and their prices fair. I'm a solid customer.
    816 N Mesa St, El Paso

  • Angelus Cleaners
    2 for 1 suits on Monday.
    816 N Mesa St, El Paso

Cleaning in El Paso, Texas
1. Althouse Cleaning
Address: 6180 Doniphan Dr, El Paso
2. El Paso Inc
Address: 120 Porfirio Diaz St, El Paso
3. Clean Water of El Paso
Address: 4673 Osborne Dr, El Paso
4. Angelus Cleaners
Address: 816 N Mesa St, El Paso
5. XPRESS Cleaning Services
Address: 3508 Gateway Blvd E, El Paso
6. Cleaning Solutions Carpet Cleaning
Address: 5920 Oleaster Dr, El Paso
7. Tidy Maids Solutions
Address: 5924 Oleaster Dr, El Paso
8. PJS of Texas (Professional Janitorial Service)
Address: 2110 Wyoming Ave, El Paso
9. ServiceMaster by Althouse Cleaning
Address: 4508 Osborne Dr, El Paso
10. El Paso Pool & repair Service
Address: 5989 N Mesa St, El Paso
11. DEG / Eco-Cleaning Services
Address: 10137 Milan St, El Paso
Work: 08:00-17:00
12. Mission Linen and Uniform Service
Address: 1409 Texas Ave, El Paso
13. Heidelberg Carpet Care Plus
Address: 10616 Captain Valtr St, El Paso
Address: 6309 Airport Rd, El Paso
15. PixelMark
Address: 1050 Doniphan Park Cir g, El Paso
16. Fast Clean
Address: El Paso
17. Gray Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 110 Atlantic Rd, El Paso
18. Fleet Wash
Address: 4584 Ripley Dr # 7, El Paso
19. UniFirst Uniform Services - El Paso
Address: 6920 Commerce Ave, El Paso
20. Clean Energy - El Paso, TX – Flying J – 728
Address: 1301 Horizon Blvd, El Paso
21. Lexington Law credit repair services El Paso
Address: Union Bldg East, El Paso
22. Hydro Industries
Address: 6455 Hiller St, El Paso
23. US International Boundary & Water Commn
Address: 4171 N Mesa St c100, El Paso
24. Powers Performance Baseball
Address: 125 Graphite Dr b, El Paso
25. Arneson Pool Services Inc
Address: 5211 Threadgill Ave, El Paso
26. Humane Society of El Paso
Address: 4991 Fred Wilson Ave, El Paso
Work: 11:00-18:00
27. SoBellas Home Services
Address: 125 Graphite Dr, El Paso
28. EcoClean MilliCare of El Paso
Address: 4584 Ripley Drive 9B, El Paso
29. Pure Water Carpet Cleaning
Address: 8935 Gateway Blvd S, El Paso
30. Border Solar
Address: 7365 Remcon Circle, B-202, El Paso
31. Clint Landfill
Address: 2300 Darrington Rd, El Paso
32. jo's errand service
Address: 7201 N Mesa St, El Paso
33. Central EP Waste Management
Address: 2492 Harrison Ave, El Paso
34. Jimmy Garza Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1110 N Piedras St, El Paso
35. Grace the Psychic Lady
Address: El Paso
36. Four Seasons Pool Service
Address: 2420 E Yandell Dr, El Paso
37. El Paso Janitorial Service
Address: 108 Espada Dr, El Paso
Work: 06:00-22:00
38. Greater El Paso Chamber-Commerce
Address: 10 Civic Center Dr, El Paso
39. Master Cleaners
Address: 5000 Doniphan Dr, El Paso
40. Solid Waste Management Northwest Division
Address: 4090 Doniphan Dr, El Paso
41. Kleen-N-Dri Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Address: PO Box 220258, El Paso
42. El Paso Citizen Collection Station
Address: 121 Atlantic Rd, El Paso
43. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 5959 Gateway Blvd W #355, El Paso
44. Tjarnel Inc
Address: 232 Peyton Rd, El Paso
45. Di-Chem & Quality Technology dba ChemStation
Address: 4731 Ripley Dr, El Paso
46. Senor Clean
Address: 317 Coates Dr, El Paso
Work: 00:00-12:00
47. The Village at Cottonwood Springs
Address: 4600 Loma Del Rey Cir, El Paso
48. Express Cleaners
Address: 14476 Horizon Blvd # C, El Paso
49. El Paso Clean Bin
Address: 13000 Bowdoin St, El Paso
50. True Blue Pool Service
Address: 7040 N Mesa St Ste. P, El Paso
51. Main Building Maintenance Inc
Address: 7777 Alabama St, El Paso
52. Sweep It Clean Inc
Address: 300 E Main St Suite 1203, El Paso
54. L & J Cleaning Service
Address: 2888 Grant Ave, El Paso
55. Sarita's Custom Sewing Inc
Address: 5857 N Mesa St # 11, El Paso
56. Keep El Paso Beautiful
Address: 925 Park Dr, El Paso
57. Whiskas and Tails Pet Sitting
Address: 537 Willow Glen Dr, El Paso
Work: 07:00-19:00
58. T & T Staff Management Inc
Address: 511 Executive Center Blvd, El Paso
59. Graffiti Removal-El Paso
Address: 9573 Pistachio St, El Paso
60. Dyer Dental Care
Address: 3932 Fort Blvd, El Paso
61. Baron Chemical Co Inc
Address: 817 Texas Ave, El Paso
62. D.M.D Quick And Clean
Address: 4315 Dyer St, El Paso
Work: 09:00-19:00
63. Advantage Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1020 E Yandell Dr, El Paso
64. SparKlean Pool Service
Address: 7136 Oval Rock Dr, El Paso
65. Tidy Homes Cleaning
Address: 2624 Gold Ave, El Paso
Work: 05:00-18:00
66. Cleaning Services El Paso
Address: 2624 Gold Ave, El Paso
Work: 05:00-20:00
67. Del Camino Budget Cleaners
Address: 4944 Hondo Pass Dr, El Paso
68. Better Business Bureau
Address: 550 E Paisano Dr, El Paso
69. Enhanced Carpet Cleaning
Address: 6400 Airport Rd # E, El Paso
Address: 2008 Rogelio Ave, El Paso
71. S K Gateway Cleaners
Address: 4020 Monroe Ave F, El Paso
72. Montana Detail & Car Wash
Address: 4418 Montana Ave, El Paso
Work: 08:15-17:00
73. J&S Pet Sitting Service
Address: 5160 Sterling Pl, El Paso
Work: 07:00-19:00
74. S & R Janitorial Services
Address: 707 Uranio Pl, El Paso
75. Castner Range Pre-National Monument
Address: 1201 N Mesa St, El Paso
Address: 4673 Osborne Dr, El Paso
77. Western Janitorial Services Inc
Address: 2124 Montana Ave, El Paso
78. El Paso Community College - Transmountain Campus
Address: 9570 Gateway N Blvd, El Paso
79. Coronado Cleaners & Laundry
Address: 8024 N Mesa St, El Paso
80. Professional Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2927 McKinley Ave, El Paso
81. Rescue Mission of El Paso
Address: 221 N Lee St, El Paso
82. ATM (Desert Hills Car Wash)
Address: 7373 N Mesa St, El Paso
83. The Cleaners
Address: 7000 Westwind Dr, El Paso
84. Cleanlux
Address: 7232 N Mesa St, El Paso
85. Roto-Rooter
Address: El Paso
86. Jesse's Window Cleaning Services
Address: El Paso
87. ER Computer Doctors
Address: 7118 N Mesa St, El Paso
88. Eagle Cleaners
Address: 7204 N Mesa St, El Paso
89. Crystal Cleaners
Address: 7105 N Mesa St # A-3, El Paso
90. Sarabia's Portable Jons & Blue Sanitation
Address: 5853 Welch Ave, El Paso
91. Airduct Cleaning By XRG
Address: 7101 N Mesa St, El Paso
92. Sorensen Piano Services
Address: 7227 N Mesa St, El Paso
93. Maintenance Unlimited
Address: 4421 Titanic Ave, El Paso
Address: 200 E Sunset Rd F, El Paso
95. Eagle Janitorial Services
Address: 2919 Aurora Ave, El Paso
96. Computer Solutions and Service
Address: 130 Redd Rd, El Paso
97. TTI Floor Care North America, Inc
Address: 7850 Hoover Ave, El Paso
98. Supreme Laundry & Cleaners
Address: 6990 Westwind Dr, El Paso
99. Yellow Ribbon Alterations
Address: 6231 Dyer St # B, El Paso
100. Sotelo Janitorial Services
Address: 5665 Beth View Dr, El Paso
101. Cleaners
Address: 6205 Upper Valley Rd, El Paso
102. Citizen Collection Station - Northeast
Address: 4501 Hondo Pass Dr, El Paso
103. Brady Industries
Address: 5548 El Paso Dr, El Paso
104. Y & C Janitorial Services
Address: 3021 E Missouri Ave, El Paso
105. Injecto Clean
Address: 3613 Wyoming Ave, El Paso