Best comments in Spokane,WA

  • Sylvano's Pet Studio
    Leela is my first dog, so of course I am rather paranoid about who takes care of her. Sylvano is FANTASTIC! He does exactly what we ask, which is #1 reason we keep coming back. For the work he does, the price is reasonable and he prices on a sliding ...
    1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane

  • Sylvano's Pet Studio
    He does great every time my little Maltese goes in there, comes back looking & smelling great. I recommend coming here.
    1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane

  • Sylvano's Pet Studio
    we are thrilled with sylvano, the groomer! he was quick, much quicker than where we took our dog before, and i have to admit much better as well! the cost for all we do to care for our pet was about the same, although there is a little trip fee invo...
    1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane

  • Sylvano's Pet Studio
    We look forward to visiting Sylvano's. Very accommodating and friendly. Our Maltese Poodle mix always looks fabulous when we pick her up. I appreciate the groomer for the expieance. He truly loves the animals. Highly recommended!
    1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane

  • Sylvano's Pet Studio
    My dog is small and does not like to be groomed. Before Sylvano's, I had never taken her to a grooming salon before (over 7 years) and tried to cut her hair myself. So she always looked a bit disheveled. When I read about Sylvano's I thought he'd ...
    1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane

  • Stamp of Approval Home Inspections
    I have referred Roger Odle, owner of Stamp of Approval for 5 years to all my clients. Extremely knowledgeable and can explain things in a simple way so those not familiar with construction can understand. My clients feel comfortable w/ him and ask ...
    3911 S Assembly Rd, Spokane

Cleaning in Spokane, Washington
1. Sylvano's Pet Studio
Address: 1220 S Grand Blvd d, Spokane
2. Stamp of Approval Home Inspections
Address: 3911 S Assembly Rd, Spokane
3. The Fig Tree
Address: 1323 S Perry St, Spokane
4. Carpet Cleaning Spokane® | Lunds Carpet Cleaning
Address: 2911 N Monroe St, Spokane
5. National Maintenance Contractors
Address: 5227 E Trent Ave, Spokane
6. Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services
Address: 1428 E Glass Ave, Spokane
7. Signature Flight Service
Address: 8136 W Pilot Dr, Spokane
8. Dental Care of Spokane
Address: 3022 E 57th Ave #10, Spokane
9. DeVries Business Services
Address: 601 E Pacific Ave, Spokane
10. Better Air Spokane
Address: 1124 E 40th Ave, Spokane
11. Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency
Address: 3104 E Augusta Ave, Spokane
12. Big Sky Industrial
Address: 9711 W Euclid Rd, Spokane
13. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
Address: 3523 E Empire Ave, Spokane
14. Lund's Carpet Cleaning
Address: 10821 E 4th Ave, Spokane
15. ABC All 'Bout Clogs and Drain Service LLC
Address: 11508 E 19th Ave, Spokane
16. Spokane Chimney Doctors
Address: 5625 N Cochran St, Spokane
17. Redline Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 2415 N Cincinnati St, Spokane
Work: 08:00-18:00
18. ServiceMaster Clean
Address: 115 N Stone St, Spokane
19. Hypersciences Inc.
Address: 1314 S Grand Blvd #2, Spokane
20. R&R Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 5202 N Florida St, Spokane
21. ACE Carpet Cleaning
Address: Spokane
22. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Spokane
Address: 920 N Argonne Rd #129, Spokane
23. Inland Empire Paper Company
Address: 3320 N Argonne Rd, Spokane
24. Northstar Clean Concepts
Address: 633 N Helena St, Spokane
25. Krazy Kleaners
Address: 17412 Foothills Rd, Spokane
26. Able Clean-Up Technologies Inc
Address: 4117 E Nebraska Ave, Spokane
27. Tri-County Septic And Grease Trap Solutions
Address: 3211 S Geiger Blvd, Spokane
28. Northside Green & Clean
Address: 7014 N Walnut Rd, Spokane
29. Chem Clean
Address: 518 W Francis Ave, Spokane
30. Collaborative Efficiency
Address: 1122 E 43rd Ave, Spokane
31. Bulldog Rooter
Address: 1110 N Stanley Rd, Spokane
Work: 08:00-17:30
32. Downtown Spokane Partnership
Address: 10 N Post St, Spokane
33. PetrolinkUSA, LLC
Address: 717 W Sprague Ave #800, Spokane
Work: 07:00-19:00
34. Tailor Maid
Address: 1303 W 1st Ave, Spokane
35. Coverall Health-Based Cleaning
Address: PO Box 18460, Spokane
36. Holliday Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 410 N Helena St, Spokane
37. Scollard's Dry Cleaning
Address: 910 S Monroe St, Spokane
38. Red Baron Carpet Cleaning
Address: 8900 S Mullen Hill Rd, Spokane
39. Camera Care
Address: 2317 E 17th Ave, Spokane
40. Spot-Tech Carpet Cleaning
Address: 6425 E Broadway Ave, Spokane
41. Northwest Glass Act
Address: 124 W 30th Ave, Spokane
Work: 08:00-18:00
42. Greg Allen's Cleaning
Address: Greg Allen S Cleaning, Spokane
43. Loon Lake Gutters
Address: Spokane
44. Marian's Cleaning Services
Address: Spokane
45. Washington State University Spokane
Address: 412 E Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane
46. Spokane River Forum
Address: 2206 S Sherman St, Spokane
47. Brown Bear Car Wash
Address: 5625 N Market St, Spokane
48. West Coast Window Cleaning
Address: 5003 N Maple St, Spokane
49. BLM Carpet Cleaning & Housekeeping
Address: 1818 W Francis Ave #266, Spokane
50. Clean Bee
Address: 1506 N Monroe St f, Spokane
51. Whitworth Water District
Address: 10828 N Waikiki Rd, Spokane
52. A to Z Rental
Address: 1429 W 2nd Ave, Spokane
Work: 07:00-17:30
53. Crystal Clear Windows
Address: 5351 N Fairmount Pl, Spokane
54. Action Drain & Rooter Service
Address: 5408 N Freya St, Spokane
55. River's Wish Animal Sanctuary
Address: 11511 W Garfield Rd, Spokane
56. Hilson Colors
Address: 5301 N Argonne Ln #1, Spokane
57. Happy Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Address: 3027 E Mission Ave #100, Spokane
58. AAA Sweeping LLC
Address: 107, 3808 North Sullivan Road, Spokane
Work: 00:00-23:00
59. Laurelhurst Place
Address: E 57th Ave & S Hogan Ln, Spokane
60. Ileta's Ultrasonic Window Blnd
Address: Spokane
61. B & B Exterior Cleaning
Address: PO Box 4827, Spokane
62. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Address: 6214 E Alki Ave, Spokane
63. Pacific Exterior Cleaning
Address: 3724 E 9th Ave, Spokane
Work: 07:00-19:00
64. Pressure Pro
Address: 9611 N Sundance Dr, Spokane
65. The Cleaning Authority - Spokane
Address: 109 South Scott Street, Suite C5, Spokane
66. Squeaky Clean
Address: 113 W Main Ave, Spokane
67. UniFirst Uniform Services - Spokane
Address: 3200 E Trent Ave #5, Spokane
68. Med Tech
Address: 2910 E 57th Ave # 5, Spokane
69. Intermountain Cleaning Services
Address: 2026 N Hamilton St, Spokane
70. Sparkle Clean
Address: Spokane
71. Geiger Corrections Center
Address: 3507 S Spotted Rd, Spokane
72. Corbin Park Dry Cleaners
Address: 2814 N Monroe St, Spokane
73. Thompson Laundry Company - South Hill Wash & Dry
Address: 920 S Monroe St, Spokane
Work: 08:00-20:00
74. Carlyle Care Center
Address: 206 S Post St, Spokane
75. ISS Facility Services
Address: 505 W Riverside Ave # 500, Spokane
76. Clark's Cleaners
Address: 1419 N Hamilton St, Spokane
77. Scollard's Cleaning
Address: 2622 E 29th Ave, Spokane
78. Environment Control
Address: 2324 E Euclid Ave # 206, Spokane
79. DavisPro Cleaning Services, LLC
Address: 2324 E Euclid Ave #103, Spokane
80. Budget Arbor and Logging, LLC
Address: 12401 E Trent Ave, Spokane
81. AAA Window Cleaning
Address: 5905 S Helena St, Spokane
82. CJi Systems Inc
Address: 5321 S Pinebrook Ct, Spokane
83. Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 1112 N Nelson St, Spokane
84. Supplyworks (formerly AmSam)
Address: 3421 N Haven St, Spokane
85. Moonlight Janitorial Services & More
Address: 1021 E Dalton Ave, Spokane
86. Live Clean Today
Address: 428 S Freya St, Spokane
87. Maid Brigade
Address: Spokane
88. Clean Green Spokane
Address: Spokane
89. COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Spokane
Address: 1312 N Monroe St #108, Spokane
90. Aramark Uniform Services
Address: 6310 E. Kent Ave, Spokane
91. Dependable Carpet Care - Spokane Carpet Cleaning
Address: 14426 N Brentwood Dr, Spokane
92. Clean Right Company
Address: 4003 N Magnolia St, Spokane
93. FRS Team-Custom Commercial
Address: 414 N Julia St, Spokane
94. Klean Kata Window Cleaning
Address: 5966, 6434 N Nine Mile Rd, Spokane
95. Frontline Housekeeping Plus
Address: 5316 N Cedar St, Spokane
96. Pressure Pro Hood Cleaners
Address: Spokane
97. Clean Right Cleaning Services
Address: 1837 W College Ave, Spokane
98. Mr Chimney Inc
Address: 1807 W Jackson Ave, Spokane
99. Pioneer Commercial Cleaning
Address: 4906 N Vista View Cir, Spokane
100. New Frontier Land Maintenance
Address: 4232 N Argonne Rd, Spokane
101. McCune's Instruments
Address: 108 N Lee St, Spokane
102. ABC Furnace & Duct Cleaning
Address: 226 W Shannon Ave, Spokane
103. Four Seasons Lawn & Tree Care
Address: 6506 W Alderbrook Ln, Spokane
104. Diamond Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1634 E Gordon Ave, Spokane
105. Ray Edwards International, Inc.
Address: 2910 E 57th Ave #5, Spokane
106. ABM - Facility Services
Address: 9000 W Airport Dr, Spokane
107. Energy Industries
Address: 10220 N Nevada St, Spokane
108. Spokane Cleaning Services
Address: 7518 N Market St # 5, Spokane
109. Century Cleaning Services
Address: 2816 W Holyoke Ave, Spokane
110. Radiant Rugs Carpet Cleaning
Address: 10406 N Alberta Rd, Spokane
111. Cleanworks Spokane
Address: 2525 E 29th Ave, Spokane
112. Cleanworks Spokane LLC
Address: 2103 W Maxwell Ave, Spokane
113. M Pressed Dry Cleaning
Address: 3007 E 57th Ave #2, Spokane
114. Spokane Waste to Energy Facility
Address: 2900 S Geiger Blvd, Spokane
Work: 07:30-17:00
115. St Anne's Child & Family Center
Address: 25 W 5th Ave, Spokane
116. Peachy Kleen
Address: Spokane
117. A American Cleaning Bob's Inc
Address: Spokane
118. Leafguard
Address: Spokane
119. Clear Images Window Cleaning
Address: PO Box 8094, Spokane